Close common shift command is used to close the common shift. Before the common shift is closed, the system displays the notification to confirm the operation.

The service print of all the paid orders is performed while closing the common shift.

Tap “OK” to confirm, and “Cancel” to cancel the operation.

It is not possible to close the common shift if there are receipts not closed at the time, or not printed due to the print errors. “Transfer the orders with bills” parameter regulates closing if there are such receipts.

The common shift cannot be closed if there are any cashdesks with orders in the edit mode. In such cases, a relevant notification is displayed.

If there are any unclosed unpaid orders, the following notification is displayed:

If the user taps “Yes”:

  • All the paid orders are closed.

  • The unpaid or partially paid orders are devided into paid (closed in the current shift) and unpaid (transferred into the next shift). The unpaid orders are marked as empty.

The discounts can be changed, because the closed parts are in the other order.

The shift in fiscal register cannot exceed 24 hours.

Max shift duration is set in the “Shift duration” parameter in R-Keeper system.


Close cash parameter has three different options:

  • Independent - the cashdesks are closed separately on the server.

  • Cash with common - all the cash shifts are closed simultaneously with the common shift.

  • Other cash closed - before closing common shift, the system checks if all the cashdesk shifts are closed. After that the cash shift is closed and the last is the common shift close.

Independent close (Close cash shift parameter is activated as “Independent”) if the shift is not closed on a cashdesk: the cashier is logged in, the cash amount is the same. The encashment line is set by default and is printed. The fiscal register has no rights to withdraw or deposit money without the proper command, if such was not found, the money is returned by transferring all the money into the new shift.

Example: Closing the daily shift algorythm

  • First print out the system balance (Cash report - balance reports - print system balance) and X report (Cash report - fiscal registrator functions - X report).

If the figures in reports match, the common shift can be closed. If the figures differ, contact the service provider.

  • X report is printed on demand.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer