The common (daily, financial) shift of the cashdesk server - is linked to the cashdesk server, shift number and calendar date. To close the common shift, tap “Close common shift” on the main menu. New common shift is opened when a new order is placed.

The system will display the following notification; tap “OK” to confirm, “Cancel” to cancel.

If the system detects opened bills, the common shift cannot be closed and the following notification will be displayed.

The “Transfer the orders with bills” parameter is available, if the “Logical” parameter is activated and transfers the orders with bills to the next shift (by default it is deactivated).

After the common shift is closed, the dish rests are either saved or cleared depending on the parameter settings.

If there are active orders, they need to be closed. To transfer the order to the next shift, an employee needs “Close the shift with the opened orders” rights.

After the common shift is closed, all the fiscal shifts for all the fiscal printers are closed too, and the Common shift report is printed on the cashdesk where the common shift is closed (If the fiscal checks were printed after the Z-report and before the common shift was closed, Z-report is also printed out).

If Z-reports were printed out in the time of common shift, the Common shift will have several fiscal shifts. If no fiscal checks were printed, only the Common shift report will be available.

Cash shift closing parameters adjust the Cash shifts to the Common shifts. Forced closure of the cash shifts simultaneously with the common shifts is possible if the “Cash with Common” parameter is active. If the “Close cash shift” parameter is marked “Independent”, the shifts will not close simultaneously.

If the parameter is marked as “Other cashdesks are closed”, the system will check that all the other cashdesk shifts are already closed. Before closing the last cash shift, all the opened orders should be closed, othervise the notification will be displayed.

While closing the common shift, surplus cash is withdrawn and transfered to the next shift. Thus, the cash balance is not nullified.

After the Common shift is closed, the surplus money is collected from the cashdesk. The ballance is nullified.

If cash shifts were closed before the common shift, the common shift contains several cash shifts.

If the core currency or the national currency was adjusted before the closure, the common shift cannot be closed untill the orders are balanced.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer