Manager Station Settings

  1. Launch the manager station and log in using the dealer ID and password
  2. Go to Money > Currencies. Select the required currency, which should be made non-fiscal. In our example, it is Cashless

  3. In the Printing section, check the Non-fiscal Type property and select the required parameter.
    The following values are possible:
    1. Print Discount — to add a discount in the amount, paid in the currency of the given type, to the receipt
      Example: an order for 310 RUB has been made. The payment is combined: 100 RUB in cash (fiscal) and 189 RUB in cashless currency 1 with the fiscality type = Print Discount. In this case, the totals at the fiscal printer will equal 100 RUB, whereas 189 RUB will be accounted as an order discount
    2. Don't Print Receipt — if a payment is made in the currency of the given type, the fiscal receipt should not be printed at all, and thus, the information about the selected currency will not be received by the fiscal printer
    3. Summary And Decrease — to print a receipt without breakdown for the amount reduced by the payment made in the currency of the given type. It follows the scenario of the Print Discount type but the fiscal receipt does not contain any discount information, i.e. there is no information about the selected currency at all

      The first 3 types make a currency non-fiscal

    4. Fiscal Receipt— if this checkbox is set, the fiscal printer prints receipts with amounts accepted in currencies of this type
    5. Fiscal Discount
  4. The currencies group properties also contain the Non-fiscal Type parameter. The parameter, specified in the currency property, will be duplicated for the currency created in this group. This group property does not override the same property for the currency.

    We do not recommend using this fiscality type in combination with FZ-54

  5. New parameters will come into effect immediately.


For the currency to be displayed as a fiscal discount in fiscal and r_keeper reports, as well as in popular fiscal registers with possible taxation variants, set Non-fiscal Type = Fiscal discount in the currency properties.