There are 2 display types — two-line displays and graphic displays.

    • A two-line display can contain 20 or 24 characters in a line.
    • The graphic r_keeper 7 customer display supports the Second Screen windows.

    Configuring Display with Manufacturer's Utility

      • Usually, there are native configuration utilities for graphic displays. F.ex., for LD777 it is the LD_777.exe utility.
      • You can configure the relevant coding, including DOS, for the required language
      • You can configure your own images and image switch interval
      • You can change the number of lines shown on the display
      • You can select the statement mode, f.ex., for Epson
      • Follow the guidelines in the manufacturer's manual concerning the utility use. The utility and the manual can be found on the CD containing the document package.
      • For the graphic r_keeper 7 display, you can also configure a two-line output, using the manufacturer's utility.

      Device Connection and Operational System Settings

      1. Connect the required device to the relevant port of the PC station
      2. To power up the device, use the original or a suitable power source
      3. Configure the port parameters in the OS settings, if necessary
      4. Save these settings in accordance with the driver configuration in r_keeper 7.

      Manager Station Settings

      Adding a Driver

      • Open Service > Stations and Devices > All and add the relevant port driver to the required cash station
      • Add the customer display driver to the port.

      Editing Layouts

      • Follow the instructions for the customer display layouts editing and adding them to the printing schemes.
      • There are customer display specific layouts in the menu group Options > Printing > Documents and Layouts.