Extended Properties are user fields that can be assigned to objects of the manager station.

Configuring Extended Properties

To create an extended property:

  1. Go to Options > Customization > Extended Properties
  2. Create a new Extended Properties group or use a pre-installed one
  3. Specify the name and change the status to Active
  4. Go to Extended Property Types tab and create a new type. Specify:
    • Name
    • System Name
  5. Double-click on the Types List field to select elements to which extended property will belong.
  6. Right-click on empty space and select Add Item
  7. Select a required type. Let us, for example, create an extended property for a menu item. It can be found in the Menu, Modifiers, Prices group
  8. Find the required type, and double-click it

    The created type will appear in the types list:
  9. Click the Save button or press Ctrl+S. Change the property status to Active, save the changes once again, and restart the manager station.

To check the extended property:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Check the presence of the property in the Extended section:
  3. Done, you have created an extended property.