Extended Properties are user fields that can be assigned to objects of the manager station.

Configuring Extended Properties

  1. To create Extended Property, go to Options > Customization > Extended Properties. Create a new Extended Properties group or use a pre-installed one.
  2. Specify the name and change the status to Active.
  3. Go to Extended Property Types tab and create a new type. Specify:
    • Name
    • System Name
  4. Double-click on the Types List field to select elements to which extended property will belong.
    Right-click on empty space and select Add Element.
  5. Select a required type. Let us, for example, create an extended property for a menu item. It can be found in the Menu, Modifiers, Prices group.
    Find the required type, and double-click it.
  6. The created type will appear in the types list:
  7. Click the Save button on press Ctrl+S. Change the property status to Active, save the changes once again, and restart the manager station
  8. Go to Menu, and check the presence of the property in the Extended section:

Done, you have created an extended property.