To configure tariffication:

  1. Enable the Tariffication option in the Options usage\Use tariffication parameter
  2. Add the interface driver to the Devices tab of the cash server
  3. Add the logical interface in the Service > interfaces reference
  4. Select the driver by the cash server name in the logical interface property
  5. Go to Options > Tables and Plans > Hall Plans and Tables and create devices in the Rated devices tab by selecting Logical device and specifying the lane number — the rater output relay number
  6. At the cash server (for Windows):
    • Stop the cash server
    • Execute preload .\rkeeper.ini
    • From the preload subfolder, take tar2eth.dll and place it where the cash server is located

UCS Ethernet Rater for windows, UCS Ethernet Rater DOS

Local Port(18253) — the port at the computer (not at the device). Should be different for different raters at the same server.

IP Address() — the hub address. Needs to be filled

Log File name() — the log file name for debugging. If empty, debugging info is not displayed