By default, some of the menu items are not available to the user. The availability of certain references is regulated by a set of privileges for the role.

If you want to allow certain items, go to Personnel > Employees and select the role. Open its properties, and set or remove the necessary privileges in the Manager or Cashier Restrictions section.

Property Rights

Some properties are also not available to the user by default. To edit this list, use the Inspector Settings form:

  1. Go to Service > Management Station > Inspector Settings.
  2. On the Access Rights tab, select a group of rights or a separate right, and specify the visibility and editability for it.
  3. In the menu at the top, select the role and class of elements that are prohibited or allowed.
    By default, the form is only available to the dealer.

List of Hidden Default Properties

Element ClassHidden properties
Menu ElementInterface Group
Discount/ExtraInterface Group
Currency TypePrint Group
CurrencyPrint Group (except for Print in the Bill)