Barcode Scanner Setup

Let us consider the setup on the example of the DATALOGIC QD 2130-WH scanner.

Download the driver for this device from the manufacturer's official website. After installing and connecting the device, reset the scanner settings.

Resetting the settings and switching the scanner to the required mode is done by scanning special barcodes that can be found in the operating instructions of the devices. You can download the instructions at the end of the article.

Some scanners can scan barcodes directly from the screen.

  • Service barcode to reset the scanner settings to default:
  • Service barcode for switching the scanner to keyboard emulation mode (PS/2):


    In the keyboard emulation mode, the scanner will be displayed as an HID device (USB input device) in the Device Manager

  • Service barcode for switching the scanner to the virtual COM port emulation mode (RS-232):

Configuring Prefixes and Suffixes

A scanner running in the keyboard emulation mode (PS/2) must be programmed to send a prefix.

The prefix is also programmed using service barcodes.

After programming the scanner, specify the programmed prefix value in the Prefix parameter in the scanner driver settings at the r_keeper 7 manager station.

Manager Station Settings

First, you need to create a new MCR algorithm:

  1. Go to Service >  Device Signals Processing > MCR Algorithms and create a new MCR algorithm:
  2. In the properties of the new MCR algorithm, check the Bar code box in the Device Types parameter of the Basic section

Now, you need to connect the scanner to the cash station:

  • Go to Service > Stations and Devices > Cash server > Cash station, add the driver of the I/O port through which the scanner is connected (COM port or PS/2) and respective scanner driver:

  • After adding the driver, launch the cash register, go to Service Menu > MCR Algorithms Debug and read the barcode with the scanner:


Barcode Reader Instructions