To make a reservation, tap on “Reservations” in the main menu.

In a new form you can start creating a reservation.

To create a reservation, tap “Create order” or tap on a table icon on the hall plan.

In a new form fill in the date and time of the reservation and the guest name. Phone number is not mandatory.

The information should be filled in manually.

Or find the guest on CRM data base by the phone number. Enter the phone number in the search field and tap “Find”. If the guest is not found, a notification will be displayed to register the guest in the CRM data base.

A new guest registration form will open. The detailed info on how to set up the guest registration is available in CRM.

In a guest registration form, fill in all the required information (for more check Creating order section).

Default settings will prevent the double reservations. In such cases an error notification will be displayed.

In a order creation form, dishes can be added and/or preyaped.

Date and time of the order are in the info field.

Reservation parameters can be updated in the “Order Menu”, date and time, table, additional tables or comments can be added or changed.

Date, time and guest name can be changed only for the created orders. After the reservation time, those fields will not be available for update.

The order can not be prepayed before the date of the reserve.

After all the required fields are filled in, you need to save the order.

The saved orders (reservations) are saved in Future reserves.

Depending on the date of the reservation and the current date, the order is displayed in one of the following sections:

Active reserves - the orders which are service printed.

Today reserves - the orders for the current date.

Future reserves - the orders for the following dates.

To check the reservation, choose the reserves type ( Active reserves, Today reserves or Future reserves). The chosen order type becomes active and is displayed in the window, the other two are activated as the menu buttons.

“Today reserves” are those, set for the current date. They are also displayed in the Order edit form.

The service printed orders are displayed in the “Today reserves”, “Active reserves” and Order edit form.

If necessary, the reserved tables can be sorted out, for that tap “Sort modes: reserved orders”

The reserved tables can be sorted:

by table - table names;

by opening time - when the order was placed;

by waiter - the name of the main waiter;

by comment - the comment in the order;

by name - the guest name.