In some cases, it is necessary to print a free-form document for an order, and the standard print options — such as receipts, pre-bills, service print, etc. — are not suitable for that. For example, when using the booking option, a customer asks to print the list of dishes, their prices, and other information about the upcoming banquet. 

Creating Print Layout

RK 7 has a special document type that is called User document:

In this section, you can create individual printing layouts. The data set available in this section is roughly the same as in a bill, receipt, or other similar documents. The main difference is that printing of this layout does not involve additional operations, while a bill, for example, makes an order uneditable, and a receipt requires order payment before being printed.

The procedure in this section is absolutely the same as with any other printing layout:

  1. Create a new document
  2. Open a layout for editing
  3. Place bands on the sheet and put memos or nested bands into them.

Save the layout and create a printing view for it.

Creating Button for Printing Layout from Cash Station Interface

To enable the layout printing from the cash station, do the following:

  1. Go to Service > Scripts, choose Operations and a new script containing the following:

    RK7.PerformRefObject(RK7.FindItemByCode(rkrefMaketSchemeDetails, 88)); (where 88 is the code of printing view for the created layout)

  2. Go to Service > Operations, choose any unused operation and rename it. In the Script property, select the script from par. 1
  3. Open Options > Keyboards > Function Keys. Create a new function key in the Miscellaneous section and link the operation from par. 2 to it
  4. Go to Options > User Interface > Selectors. Place the function key in the relevant selector
  5. Indicate the selector in Selectors Usage

Now, when this function key is pressed, your user layout will be printed.

Application Variants

  1. Printing (preliminary) order contents for a customer
  2. Printing a label for an assembled order
  3. Printing a document imitating a receipt copy
  4. Printing any reference document for an order.

It is not necessary to use standard printing layouts. In this section, you can create graphic layouts using the FastReport editor as well.