1. Go to Options > Printing > Documents and Layouts. In the User Report group,  create a new document, for example, Total Dishes Sold.
  2. For this document, select the cube, previously created in Options > OLAP Reports > Cubes and Reports. This cube can be found in the attached file.

    To add any object — a Cube in this case — to the database do the following: go to Service > XML Import/Export, then press the Load XML file button, select the XML file, open it, press the Add Items button.

  3. For this document, create a new layout. The layout template can be found in the attached file — please consider that dish grouping is not configured in this layout.

  4. Edit the layout in the manager station
    To allow grouping by waiters, Band2 is added to the body of Band1. Band2 has a footer size of more than 0, and it contains the memo field for the total amount by waiters.

    If you need to group dishes, configure a grouping for Band2.

  5. The document view for the layout from par. 3 must be added to the current printing layout.

  6. Go to the cash station and print or preview the report.