R-Keeper v7 system configurations have the following types of shift settings: Common shift (report); Cash shift (casheer shift); Fiscal shift (fiscal registrator shift).

The report shift in the R-Keeper v.7 system is for the cashdesk server, therefore if there are several servers, the user needs to close them and not to interfere with the shift dates, guides that sync up daily (currency, taxes).

After booting, the cashdesk server receives the printed receipt and prepay data from the fiscal registrators that are connected to it.

Example: We will use the scheme to explain how the common, cashdesk and fiscal shifts operate. Let’s say that Cashdesk1 and Cashdesk2 are connected to the cashdesk server. The cashdesks are also connected to the fiscal printers. Say all three shifts (Common, Cashdesk and Fiscal) started simultaneously and closed simultaneously. During the shift two fiscal receipts were printed out from Cashdesk1: 100 rub and 150 rub. The 200 rub fiscal receipt was printed out from Cashdesk 2..

Fiscal shift (sum of the fiscal receipts) is 100+150+200=450 rub.

Cashdesk shift is Cashdesk1: 100+150=250 and Cahsdesk2: 200 rub.

The Cashdesk total matches Fiscal total, since there are no other fiscal printers. If there were any other fiscal printers, connected to the cashdesk, the total would be the sum of all the receipt amounts connected to the same server. Only the fiscal printers connected to the same server can provide the data that can be compared to the fiscal shifts of the casheers.

The opening and closing shift settings in R-Keeper v.7 system has the following parameters: Closing the cash shift, Closing the fiscal shift, Print the shift report, Open the same as fiscal, Clear the leftover dishes, Transfer the orders with prechecks, Transfer the empty orders, Shift closure notification.