When dishes are deleted from the order, the visual representation of the deleted dishes in the order depends on the parameters set at the manager station. The deleted dish may either remain in the order with the zero quantity, or be completely removed from the order.

To delete a dish, select the corresponding dish and tap the Del button.

A warning message will be displayed. To approve the dish deletion, tap Yes. To cancel the operation, tap No.

To reduce the number of the ordered portions, select the corresponding dish, enter the number of portions that should remain in the order into the digital field, and tap the Quant. button.

In the main line, the quantity will be reduced to the required one, and the reason for deletion along with the number of deleted portions will be shown below the dish (if Zeroize quantity is set).

If there are several reasons for deletion of an unsaved dish set at the manager station, then it is necessary to choose the reason for deletion (Void Reason) when deleting a dish. That reason will be displayed below the deleted dish.

To return to the order editing mode, tap the Menu button.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer www.rkeeper.fi