[1-99] Debug messages (no stack, disabled by default)

TestSignalErrorTest error type for debugging signals
2TestTaskErrorTest error type for debugging start-stop tasks, critical sessions
Wintasks Debugging

[11-20] NetKern Debug Messages

11TestLowProtocol, message

The dll protocol debugging

12TestHighProtocol, message - tProtocol, tConnectConnecting, breaking, Package sending, Package receiving
13TestNetwork, message - tProtocol, tProtocolsProtocol selection, Block sending, Block receiving
14TestRouting,messageDebugging of tProtocols.SendMemToServer,AddRouting — selecting a gateway, adding a header for routing, sending a block, establishing routing
15TestNetworkTask,messageDebugging of MainTask — sent and received packages
16TestRPCServer,messageDebugging of DispatchAnswer — called functions, received parameters, sent results
17TestEvents,messageDebugging of events.pas — sent and received event notifications
18TestClassIO,messageDebugging of comprw.pas — sent and received objects
19TestResourcesDebugging of times and resources

[21-25] References Debug Messages

debugging of network message processing
work with BLOB

[26-29,33] Report Server Debug Messages

debugging of cumulative data upload and bulk upload to SQL (BCP)
start-stop, upgrade

[30-35] MidServ Debug Messages

Loading, saving, blocking, unblocking of orders
print, service-print
start-stop, upgrade

[36-39] refsrv Debug Messages

processing shift data

[40-49] Cash Station Debug Messages

'Driver signal %d, wparam=%d, wparam=%d'
'New active control %s:%s for %s:%s'
Window messages
Special events of the cash station
Possibility to add a discount
Calculation log
Debugging of delays — timings
Cash station, performed operations

[50-69] Driver Debug Messages

fiscal register
mouse and ELO
Input devices
Keyboard port
debugging of driver loading

[70-79] Debug Messages of Other Programs

preload and auto-update

[90-99] General

temporary debugging, always enabled

[100-110] Do Not Use

[111-122] DLL Registration

111DLL was not found: '+dllname
112'DLL %s was not loaded. Error=%d'
113'Illegal DLL: '+dllname
114'Invalid DLL type: '+dllname
115'DLL version too low: '+dllname
116'Caller version too low: '+dllname
117'DLL initialization failed: '+dllname
118'Maximum DLL number reached.'
119'Illegal operation system: '+dllname
120'DLL can not be unloaded: '+dllname
121'Illegal DLL number '+inttostr(num)
122'Error running DONE for '+AllDLL[i].name

[123-125] Functions and Rights Registration

123'Function with name "%s" and version %d already registered'

[126-130] Error Handling Errors

126'Error stack overflow.'
127'Extra call NoOSMode(false)'
128'Something called STI'
To write errors caught in onException to the log

[131-160] Trusted Multitasking

131'Global signal queue overflow'
132'Warning: Task list overflow'
133'Local signal queue overflow'
134'Task terminated with exception'
135'SendSignal: Invalid task number'
136'Critical section queue overflow. Current task "%s"(%d)'
137'Critical section waiting time-out. Current task "%s"(%d)'
138'Stack overflow in task '+TaskList[ActiveTask].Comment
139'Warning: Can not allocate memory for stack.'
140'Try to switch tasks in "NoSwitch" mode.'
141'Count of ThreadVars exceed maximum of MaxThreadVarCount'
142'Size of ThreadVar exceed maximum of MaxThreadVarSize'
143'Task "%s" worked %d milliseconds continually.'
144'Illegal Thread32.dll for such OS version.'
145'SgIdle signal for task %d "%s" deleted.'
146'Stack for taks %d "%s"'
147'Error running synchro proc'
148'Critical section destroied by task "%s"(%d). Waiting task "%s"(%d)'
149'Waiting called in "no switch" mode'
150'Waiting called in "no OS" mode'
151'Extra call SetNoSwitchMode(false)'
152'Main task was inactive %d msecs. Task dump printed'
153'Win32 %s error %d'
154'Version of thread32.dll too low, %d needed'
155'Error running IndependentProc from trusted thread '+Obj.CallerTaskName
156'Error waiting signal in WinWaitForMultipleObjects'

[170-359] RPC Errors

[170-215] Common Protocol Interaction Errors

178'External connect detected, but protocol don''t support external connects'
179'Unknown protocol'
180'Netkern internal error:'
181'Illegal hEventManager, MainThread was not started'
182'%s: Name %s found'
183'Ini file not found: %s'
184'Block header with same SendID received form %s, protocol=%s'
185'CRC check error. Block from %s, protocol=%s'
186'Can not link with %s, netkern with version less then %d'
187'Illegal SendPos in handshake received.'
188'Exception in router'
189'Exception in SendMemToServer'
190'Interval between receiving from '+c.ServerName+' exceed '+inttostr(MaxReceiveInterval)+' msec.'
191'Unpacking error %d, block from %s'
192'Too big Block '+inttostr(size)
193'Erroneous block size %d, packet from %s'
194'Cannot GlobalAlloc '+size+' bytes.'
195'Can not change permanent route to '+ToServer+' throught '+OldRouteInfo.GateWay+' with new temporary routing through '+gateway
196'Server login attempt with "%s"(%s:%xh), with unfinished server login attempt %s:%xh'
197'Name in handshake '+h^.ServerName+', but connect name '+c.ServerName+', protocol='+DriverName
198'Received illegal handshake from connectID '+inttohex(ConnectID,8)+', Server='+c.ServerName+', protocol='+tProtocol(protocol).DriverName
199'Accept connect with existing active ConnectID '+inttohex(ConnectID,8)+', Server='+c.ServerName+', protocol='+tProtocol(protocol).DriverName
200'Received packet from  ConnectID '+inttohex(ConnectID,8)+', Server='+c.ServerName+', with non-login state, protocol='+tProtocol(protocol).DriverName
201'Illegal packet CRC, packet from %s'
202'too small Block'
203'Block received size greater than in header from '+fromserver+', protocol='+protocol.drivername
204'Illegal send position during relogin from '+fromserver
205'Exception during FindServer'
206'"InitProtocol" not found in '+dll
207'Error in InitProtocol in '+dll
208'Server "'+server+'" was not found with all protocols.'
209'Server "'+ServerName+'" can not aquire connect for sending.'
210,'Received packet from "'+FromServer+'" with protocol '+protocol.DriverName+', but connect exists via '+c.protocol.DriverName
211'Server login attempt with "%s"(%s:%xh), but connect exists %s:%xh '
212'Internal chanel registry error.'
213'Error loading '+GetDLLInfo(i)^.Name+' Protocol with same priority exists.'
214'Attempt Send to empty server name.'

[216-224] RPC Errors Sent from Server

216neFunctionNotFound,'Function '+ServerFunction+' not found on '+Server
217neException,'Exception running function '+ServerFunction+' on '+Server
218neRouterError,'Error in router '+Server
219neSrvDisconnect,'Server %s disconnected running function %s'
220neNoRightForFunc,'No right "%s" to execute function %s'
221neNoRight, 'No Right "%s"'

[225-240,325-340] Local RPC Errors, on Client or Server

226'Error in external CheckSecurity function called from %s, SecurityInfo=%xh'
227'No right %s/%d for user %d from %s(%s)'
228neCliDisconnect,'Client disconnected and query in CancelOnDisconnect mode.'
229'Stack overflow in RPC function '+functname
230'Can not establish route to '+ToServer+' with gateway '+Gateway
231'Answer for unknown query N '+inttostr(header.QueryHandle)
232'Server exception in RPC function '+functname
233'Server exception'
234neNotInitialyzed,'RPC system was not initialyzed'
235neServerNotFound,'Server "'+Server+'" not found'
236neSendError,'Error sending to '+server
237neAnswerTimeout,'Answer timeout from '+server
238neTaskTerminated,'Query task terminated'
239neIllegalHandle,'RPC:Illegal memory Handle'

[241-260] NetBIOS Protocols Errors

241'NetBIOS: Computer name too length'
242'NetBIOS('+inttohex(ord(LanaEnum.lana[i]),2)+'): Error starting ReceiveAny:'+inttohex(ord(NCBReceive[LanaEnum.lana[i]]^.ncb_retcode),2)+'h.'
243'NetBIOS: Server name too length'+server
244'NetBIOS('+inttohex(ord(adapter),2)+'): Error starting Listen:'+inttohex(ord(ListenNCB^.ncb_retcode),2)+'h.'
245'NetBIOS('+inttohex(ord(ncb^.ncb_lana_num),2)+'):'+opname+' timed out. Task='+GetTaskInfo(GetTaskHandle)^.comment
246'NetBIOS:'+opname+'. Thread terminated. Task='+GetTaskInfo(GetTaskHandle)^.comment
247'NetBIOS('+inttohex(ord(ncb^.ncb_lana_num),2)+'):'+opname+'. error='+inttohex(ord(ncb^.ncb_cmd_cplt),2)+'h. Task='+GetTaskInfo(GetTaskHandle)^.comment
248'Error in ChanelManager thread'
249'NetBIOS: Too large send size.'
250'NetBIOS: Protocol task stoped.'
251'Exception in DOS Callback'
252'NetBIOS: No chanel to receive from '+IntToHex(ord(signaled^.ncb_lana_num)*256+ord(signaled^.ncb_lsn),8)
253'NetBIOS: Illegal NCB number in signal parameter. Task='+GetTaskInfo(GetTaskHandle)^.comment
254'NetBIOS: Accepted chanel already exists'
255'NetBIOS: Called chanel already exists'
256'NetBios: NCB count exceed '+inttostr(MaxRequests)
258'NetBIOS: DPMI function '+intttohex(,4)+'Error '+inttohex(res,4)
259'NetBIOS not installed.'

[261-290] Socket Errors

261'%s: Socket count exceed %d'
262ProtName+': Error starting Listen:'+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
263ProtName+':'+opname+'. error='+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
264ProtName+': Exception during LowSend'
265,ProtName+': Attempt to hangup listening socket %d.'
266ProtName+': 0 bytes received timeout, socket=%d. Error'
267'Too many RPC tasks are running'
268ProtName+':'+opname+'. Thread terminated.'
269'%s:%s timed out. Task=%s'
270'%s:%s. Illegal cmd number (%d) in signal parameter. Need %d'
271%s: WSAEventSelect error. %s
272ProtName+': Too large send size.'
273ProtName+': Listening socket was closed.'
273ProtName+': Broadcast Listening socket was closed.'
273'TCPSOC:UDP processing thread terminated with exception'
274' Error initialyzing Winsock 2 '+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
275'%s: SEQSOCKET connection not available'
276'%s: Port %d is in use, increased to %d'
277'%s: Name "%s" can not be solved'
278'%s: Error creating socket%s'
279'%s: Bind%s%s'
280'%s: %s error %d'
281'%s: Name %s solved, but server "%s" started with LISTEN=0'
282'%s: Name "%s" can not be solved%s'
283'external connect with existing operation'
284'SPX sending Address info error '+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
285ProtName+' setsockopt ... error '+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
286'SPX WSAEventSelect for IPX Broadcast error '+inttostr(WSAGetLastError)
287'SPX: Too big IPX packet:'+inttostr(maxsize+30)
288'%s: self name %s found in %s'
289'%s: Unknown signal %d received while "%s" end waiting'

[291-292] LocalNet Protocol Errors

291'LocalNet: can not send to connect %d'

[293-300] Common Protocol Errors

294ProtName+': Illegal address "'+addr+'" in section '+section+' key= '+name
295ProtName+': Illegal address "'+'" in '+DNSFILE+' line '+inttostr(l)
296ProtName+': exception during Receive CallBack'
297ProtName+': exception during Disconnect CallBack'
298ProtName+': exception during Accept CallBack'
299ProtName+': ...'

[301-320] SPX for dos Protocol Errors

301'SPX: IPX not installed'
302'SPX: SPX not installed'
303'SPX: DPMI function XXXXh. Error '+inttohex(res,4)
304'SPX: Open socket error.'
306'SPX:'+AllCommands[cmdnum].opname+'. error='+inttohex(AllCommands[cmdnum].res.ECB.CCode,2)+'h.'
308'SPX: Too many simultaneous sends.'
309'SPX:'+AllCommands[ncb].opname+' timed out.'
310'SPX: Illegal Command number in signal parameter'
311'SPX:'+AllCommands[ncb].opname+'. Thread terminated.'
312'SPX: Name "'+Server+'" can not be solved.'
315'SPX: Too large send size.'
316'SPX: Unexpected IPX receive.'
317'SPX: Too big IPX packet:'+inttostr(size)
318'SPX: self name '+ServerName+' found in the network.'

[320-340] Local RPC Errors on Client

323'Property %s.%s writing error'
324'Sort collection %s writing error: %s'
325'RPCExecCDecl: illegal pointer to stack N '+inttostr(i)
326'Different sizes of arrays :Pointers and Sizes'
327'Too many parameters in array'
328'RPCExecWArgsMem: too big return size parameter N'+inttostr(i)
329'RPCExecWArgsVarRec: too big return parameters number '+inttostr(result)
330'Can not write such VarRec type '+inttostr(v.vType)
331'Can not read such VarRec type '+inttostr(v.vType)
332'RPCExecCDecl: illegal variable number returned %d for function %s'
333'RPC already initialized'
334'RPCExecCDecl: illegal variable length returned, function %s, var %d'
335'Can not create object of type '+compclass.classname
336'Illegal select string '+CurrentMask[i]
337'Can not create item for collection '+
338'Error testing connection with '+Server+' returned illegal answer.'
339'tSortCollection items must be of the same type.'
340'Error reading property "%s" of %s: "%s"'

[341-350] Event Forwarding Errors

341'Illegal event type'
342'Event with handle '+inttostr(handle)+' does not exists.'
343'Illegal taks handle '+inttostr(task)
344'Exception during execution of event callback procedure. Event type='+inttostr(Event^.EventType)
345'Can not stop listen from all servers without handle.'
346'Error in event manager.'
347'Collection %s: data version %d received, but version is %d already'

[350-359] TCPDOS Protocol Errors

350'TCPDOS: Name "'+Server+'" can not be solved.'
351'TCPDOS: '+opname+' error '+LastErrorName
352'TCPDOS: send timeouted'
353'TCPDOS: asynch connect to '+Server+' error'
354'TCPDOS: asynch connect to '+Server+' timeout'
355'TCPDOS: create socket error '

[360-460] Errors Working with References

360'Server %s daemon raised error with message ''%s''.'in ServerAssignExData processes, log only
361'Blob cache was expired or new blob %s exists for %d in %s'
362'Extra LeaveRPCMode for collection %s'
363'Waiting 10 seconds for for collection %s, collection %s. Task=%s'
364'Bad child item identifier %d'
365'Empty data received for "%s"'
366'Item %s(%d) in collection %s can not be locked (it is in open transaction)'
367'Illegal type of field %s in UDB table %s. Must be Longint for blob'
368'No data provider for collection %s'
369'Data provider for collection %s can not process one record'
370'Dummy synchronizer can not provide collection receiving'
371'Collection not defined. Item class %s, Ident=%d'
372'Collection %s exclusive mode request in "no switch" mode'
373'Can not use BLOBs with deffered collection %s'
374'Can not move pointer in table %s, edit mode'
375'Exception in item (%d in %s) processing for parent collection %s'
376'Synchronization failed for collection %s after "%s"'
377'Can not append record with id 0 in reference %s'
378'Can not set OneItem mode, items exists in collection %s'
379'Can not delete item, collection %s in OneItem mode'
380'Can not create new item, collection %s in OneItem mode'
381'Item with id %d already exists. Deleted from %s.'
382'Different numbers, RefID=%d and index=%d for reference %s'
383'Illegal fixed reference number %d'
384'Attempt to load reference without name'
385'Can not clear RemoteSource for %s, locked items exists.'
386'Can not rename temp file %s to %s'
387'No synchronizer for collection %s'
388'Can load Blob from collection %s, record %d/%s was unlocked (due to disconnect)'
389'Can load Blob from collection %s, record %d/%s locked by another server'
390'Can not store Blob to collection %s, record %d/%s locked by another server'
391'Error deleting collection %s on server'
392'Can not zap collection %s, some items is editing'
393'Can not lock table to zap collection %s'
394'Illegal blob field name %s for collection %s'
395'Error writing blob file %s'
396'Error reading blob file %s'
397'Check sum error in blob file %s'
398'Error loading reference %s from server %s'
399'Secondary order %d duplication for item %s/%d in %s'
400'Secondary order %d duplication for item %s/%d in %s'
401'Can not update record of item %s(%d) in collection %s, it is locked by station %s (%s)'
402'Can not load Blob from collection %s, record for item %s(%d) not found'
403'Can not store Blob to collection %s, record not found'
404'Reference manager was not started'
405'Reference collection %s not found.'
406'Item %d in collection %s not found.'
406'Item IllegalID in collection %s not found.'
407'Version waiting timed out (wait %d, now %d) for collection %s after "%s"'
408'Error processing signal in reference manager task'
409'Error trying locally delete item (locked).'
410'Error trying update item %d in collection %s, editing now.'
411'Can not lock new item %d in %s'
412'Can not find item with id '+inttostr(Ident)+' in table '+fMirrorTable.TableName
413'Can not change ident to '+inttostr(NewIdent)+', such ident exists.'
414'Error trying locally delete item %d in %s (childs exists in %s).'
415'Can not generate new SIFR without mirror table.'
416'Delete notification received, but item '+tReferentCollection(AllReferences.objects[i]).name+'('+inttostr(item.ident)+') is updating now'

'Update notification received, but item '+tReferentCollection(AllReferences.objects[i]).name+'('+inttostr(item.ident)+') is updating now'

418'Can not store Blob for new item before post.'
419'Post: Item %d in %s is not editing'
420'Error trying locally delete item (modifing now).'
421'Error during RPC executeion of RefReadRecord'
422'Error changing ident to %d, childs exists in %s.'
423'Can not append record to reference'
424'Can not edit, collection not defined'
425'Can not edit, item was deleted.'
426'Collection %s was not loaded, server disconnected.'
427'%s %s (ID = %d) is already editing now.'
428'Can not lock item %s(%s) in collection %s for editing: item locked by %s (%s)'
429'Can not set RemoteSource for %s, items exists.'
430'Can not edit, collection %s is read only.'
431'Can not run more than one reference server with one network name'
432'Can not Run RPC function %s in %s, item was deleted.'
433'Can not lock, item was deleted.'
434'Reference manager already started.'
435'Can not change RemoteServer after collection loading'
436'Error loading item %d from server %s, collection %s'
437'Reference collection %s was deleted.'
438'Lock table %s timeout.'
439'Can not write record in collection %s, item was unlocked (due to disconnect)'
440'RefCollectionByName: Collection %s loading waiting timed out.'
441'Illegal parent ident: %d for classifier %s'
442'Can not find child item with id %d in LeafCollections of %s.'
443'Ident %d for item from %s was already added as child to item with id %d'
444'Error adding child with id %d to item with id %d from %s'
445'Collection %s exclusive mode waiting timed out.'
446'Can not delete item %d in %s (Internal error).'
447'FindItemWait: isInRPC waiting timed out for item %d in %s.'
448'Illegal name for collection:"%s", max length=%d'
449'Illegal name for server:"%s", max length=%d'
450'Can not add new child (state=isNew) from %s to item (%d) %s, parent not LeafCollection'
451'Can not find item %d in %s'
452'Exception in Notification procedure for collection %s'
453'Can not generate ident for new item in %s. All values occupied.'
454'Value %d for item ident in %s not in [%d..%d]'

'There is intersection of idents in LeafCollections. Items (%d) %s from %s and (%d) %s from %s have equal idents.'

456'Can not find child item with id %d in %s.'
457'Error assigning blob to item %s/%d from item %s/%d, collection %s'
458'Error writing collection %s:'
459'Unique check %d for collection %s failed. Item like %s/%d found.'
460'Deletion in reference %s is forbidden'
461'Exception on RefCommit'
462'Server don''t configured for event cache'
463'Bad CRC32 of RefEvents.dat. File renamed to RefEvents.bad'
463'Exception loading RefEvents.dat. File renamed to RefEvents.bad'

[464-500] Errors Working with r_keeper 7 References

464'Record for Print Groups not found in table ClassificatorGroups'
465'Illegal ident for tRightLevelInfo: %d (must be in [0..255])'
466'Unknown operation ID %d'
467'Leaf Collection %s has no mirror table.'
468'No Usage for %s'
469'Can not write to Changeable Order Types Usage Table.'
470'Can not activate table without maximal places'
471'Can not activate device, no such driver for this station.'
472'Can not lock collection %s.'
473'Can not write to %s Table.'
474'Keyboard DLL not found.'
475'Error loading keyboard DLL %s to directory %s.'
476'Keyboard DLL not loaded.'
477'No default period'
478'Can not write item priority to table.'
479'User with ID %d not found.'
480'Not found Cash Group %s on %s.'
481'Can not read from %s Table.'
482'Round rule %d can not be used for taxes'
483'Can not complete operation. Server %s is probably busy'
484'refGetCollection: client ''%s'' not logged in, disconnecting (do refDoUSerLogin first)'
500'Can not delete %s ''%s'' while following item(s) reference it: %s.'

[500-600] User Errors 

These errors are not recorded in to the file, only cause interrupts.
  // All moved to rk7error.pas

[601-650] Reference Editor

#(canceled)601,'Can not load Aliases from %s for form %s, language extention "%s"'

[701-720] Errors Working with Files

701'Error unpacking keyboard DLL %s.'
702'File %s not found.'
703'Error "%s" opening Work Base %s.'
704'Error processing work data recieved.'
705'Error %d opening file %s'
706'Can not open Log Book file %s.'
707'Directory %s (%s) open error.'
709'Can not archive pump file %s.'

[801-810] Database Localization Errors

801'Error loading Main language reference '+f1
802'Error loading Alternative language reference '+f2
803'Error loading Data language references from server %s'
804'Error Loading keyboard layout "%s"'

[901-1000] Various Warnings

901'The parent Price Type is not active. Its code may become unchangable after formulas creating.'
902'Formuls of the Price Type are incorect. You may be unable to calculate prices. Correct the Formuls.'

[1001-1500] Data Processing Programs

[1001-1020] Import Data from UDB-UDBCopy

[2001-3000] MidServ Errors

[2100 - 2200]

MidServ errors that are called from RPC functions on requests from the cash station and forwarded to the client

[2281 - 2299]

Reference File Cache Errors (FCachePr)

2281'Can not create control file %s'
2282'Illegal control file %s'
2283'Illegal RefID %d'
2284'Version of control file %s = %d, less then minimal %d'
2285'Collection %s is in changing state for too long'
2286'Version of control file %s = %d, greater then maximal %d'

[2300 - 2400]

MidServ errors called from RPC functions — system errors

[2401 - 2799]

Interface errors

[2401 - 2410]

Interface with the timekeeper

2411'Bad interface version %d of %s. Version 5 is needed'
2412'Connect dll %s initialization error'
2413'Limit is over for %s, room %s'

[2421 - 2430] Interface with PMS

2421'Error creating table %s'
2422'Error opening table %s'

[2431 - 2440] Interface with ITV POS Intellect

2431'Error loading XML document'
2432'Error processing tag %s'
2433'Exception processing XML'

[2440-2450] Brunswick Bowling

2441'Error sending xml'

[2451-2460] pcget

2451'Login canceled'

[2500 - 2550] Authorization interfaces

2501'AcceptCard exception'

[2551 - 2560] - CrunchTime

2551'Can not rename file %s to %s: %s'

[2561-2570] XML Interface

2561'Exception in connect thread'

[3001-4000] Cash Station

3001'Unknown cash "%s"'
3003'Exception during BeforeAddMessage'
3004'Init error'
3005'Main cycle error'
3006'Error closing form %s'
3007'Error destroying form %s'
3008'Person list not initialized'
3009'Timer procedure exception'
3012'Exception processing message %d in window %s'
3014'Can not find form with class name %s'
3018'Item index %d out of range'
3038'Exception in GrApplication.SignalReceived'
3366'Exception on %s:%s draw'

[3100-3199] RPC Errors of Cash Station

[3200-3300] Cash Station User Errors

3200'Can not change trade group, lines exists'

[3401-3500] Components

3401'Error in timer procedure'
3402'Show message dialog: %s'

[3500-3590] Cash Station, Logged Errors

[3601-3799] Device Drivers

[3601-3650] Common Driver Errors

3601'Can not load %s, error=%d'
3602'For DPMI32 Only! Can not run under Windows.'
3603'Parameter %s(%d) must be defined for %s # %d' 
3604'Too many devices for %s'
3605'%s: Windows error %d. Operation "%s"'
3606'Driver Version = %d; File ''%s'' contains a wrong quantity of the messages (%d, %d)'
3607'Driver Version = %d; Null pointer for the list of messages from the file ''%s'''
3608'Parameter %s(%d) must be defined for %s # %d'
3609'GetLastError() = %d in LoadLibrary(''%s'') for %s # %d'
3610'Parameter %s(%d) has not been initialized for %s # %d'
3611'Not supported version number (%d) of the protocol from %s in %s # %d'
3612'GetLastError() = %d in LoadLibrary(''%s'')'
3613'Not found entry point ''%s'' in the module ''%s'''
3614'Initialization error: %s'
3615'Class is not registered: %s (file name: %s)'
3616'Configuration is not created. File name: %s'
3617'Cannot unregister COM-server %s'
3618'Cannot register COM-server %s'
3619'Not exported call %s for a supported option %s'
3620'Not exported call %s'

[3651-3700] Drivers of Printers and Printer Ports

Error received from the FR (logical error in command processing)
FR Communication Error
3653'Host DLL %s loading error %d'
3654'Illegal printer handle %d'
3655'Illegal fiscal external identifier "%s" instead of "%s"'
3656'Error %d creating file "%s"'
3657'Error %d opening printer %s'
3658'Error %d writing printer port %d (device %s, handle %d)'
3659'Error entering non-fiscal mode: %s'
3660'Can not open port %s for %s#%d, base port is already used'
3661'Can not set baud to %d, printer %s #%d use another - %d'
3662'Can not open port %s for %s#%d, illegal OS'
3663'Fiscal register %s # %d not connected'same as 3651 but without interruptions
3664'FiscReg %s # %d: %s' same as 3652 but without interruptions

[3665-3675] IP Ethernet-RS232 multiplexor, IP Printer port

3665'Illegal multiplexor chanel number %d'
3666'Error %d initializing Novell sockets'
3667'Failed to create socket, error=%d'
3668'Illegal IP address: %s'
3669'Bind error %d'
3670'Send UDP datagram error %d'
3671'Illegal baud rate %d. Must be 300..19200'
3672'Connect error reply %s from multiplexor #%d'
3673'No answer from multiplexor #%d'

[3676-3680] Windows universal printer 

3676'Not found background file %s'
3677'Not found logo bitmap file %s'
3678'Exception printing document'
3679'Printer %s not found'

[3681-3685] Pager

3681'Illegal pager code %s'
3682'XML parsing error'

[3701-3749] Input Device Errors

3701'kbdvk: No keyboard with handle %d'
3702'kbdvk: Illegal mode %d, must be 0..%d'
3710'GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents error %d'
3711'PeekConsoleInput error %d'
3712'Bad Com baud:%d for %s#%d'
3713'Illegal CHIPS.BIN file'

[3750-3759] Scales

3750'Scales: no reply'
3751'Scales: Illegal reply'
3752'Scales: Unstable state'
3753'Scales: ReadWeight error %s'

[3760-3765] Box and Box Port

3760'bad InitGPIO string, bad hexadecimal integer %s'
3761'bad InitGPIO string, bad port-value pair %s'

[3801-3810] Server Errors of PDS Interaction

3801'PDS:Chanel closed'
3802'PDS:Timeout exceded'
3803'PDS:Answer waiting excepted'
3804'PDS:Unknown signal %d'
3805'PDS:System was not initialized'
3806'PDS:Main thread terminated'

[3811-3830] Client Errors of PDS Interaction

3811'PDS:Illegal server ident'
3812'PDS:Server protocol version is too low. %d needed'
3813'PDS: Server error "%s"(%d)'
3814'PDS: Unknown server error running function "%s"'
3815'PDS: Bad answer len for CQGetImage request'
3816'PDS: too big additional information (max 65535 bytes of packed data)'

[4000-4100] Preload

[4101-4201] References, Providers, Blobs, etc.

4127'Provider ''%s'', table ''%s'': attempting to save more data than fields ''%s'' size (%d/%d bytes)'
4147'Exception %s saving property %s:%s to field %s.%s'