This article describes the r_keeper_7 directory structure.


  • HO — head office
  • BO — back office

Root Folder

When r_keeper 7 is installed via the installer (typical for versions 7.5.3 and higher), the folder structure differs from the «classic» structure from the archive described in this article.

There are 3 main folders in the root directory of the RK7 program:

  • base — database storage
  • bin — contains subfolders of various modules connected to the system later
  • MIDBASE — is created during the installation stage

The main working directory is the \bin\win directory, which contains all executable files, libraries, log files, and configuration files necessary to start the system. Initially, all the servers that the cash register works with are in this folder. The system is started and installed from this folder.

All programs use INI files as configuration files.

BASE folder

When installed by the installer, the path to the folder is as follows — [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_ho\Rk7Reference\base\.

This base folder contains the reference server main database (refsrv.exe)

  • \backups\ — a folder for storing backup copies (configured in the manager station)
  • \Cubes\ — a folder for storing user-created cubes
  • \drvlocalize\ — a folder with localization files for drivers and arrays of driver settings 
  • \filesync\ — a folder for synchronizing servers via files. The folder has the following structure:
  • \filesync\incoming\ — the directory, where files from the ForSend folder (Archive, if necessary) of the cash desk server should be placed in. For more information, see the article on data transfer between servers
  • \filesync\outgoing\ — the directory, where the directory server (if necessary) saves dictionaries and additional files for the cash server. For more information, see the article on data transfer between servers
  • \workmods\ — the folder contains databases of modules for cash register automatic updates (using preload.exe). It is advisable to leave only the files you need in this folder. Read more about the \workmods\ folder below.
  • \rk7.udb — reference database file
  • \check.udb — accumulation database
  • \defparams. ini — contains driver settings: the section name corresponds to the driver file name; the values correspond to the driver parameters values.
  • \ — during installation, you should rename this file to rk7. udb. This file contains some additional information necessary for the cash register system operation, such as global parameters, various references: currencies, interfaces, etc.
  • \upgrade.udb – all information for creating a new database and updating the old one
  • \upgradefr. udb – information about the fiscal register and its fiscal types (the file is required if you use fiscal registers).

BIN Folder

When installed by the installer, this folder is missing.

  • \for cardserv\ — place it in the folder with Cardserv.exe and in the folder with pcards.exe to connect the PDS
  • \iface\ — for third-party software using an XML interface
  • \Invoice\ — for printing invoices via invoice.dll
  • \rds\ — receipt discount server
  • \ RemoteFM\ — for access to files at the cash registers. The example of setting up in bin\remotefm\ini\remotefm.ini: Change the ROUTER parameter to the name of the cash server. At the cash register, the FILEMANAGERPATH should be filled in [NETKERN] section of .ini.
  • \rkonline\ — insert all files in the folder, where SH4Utils.exe is located, in order to display online balances in SH4Utils
  • \sh4import\ — for importing costs from SH4 (works since version shserv.dll Place everything in the folder with refsrv.exe
  • \sh4tr\ — for SH4: place all files in the folder where ImportRK.exe is located
  • \webmon\ — for web monitoring
  • \shelter\ — for connection to Shelter
  • \win\ — the main folder with server files and configuration files (see the description below)

WIN Folder

After installation by the installer, this folder is missing, and its contents are divided among the following directories:

  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_ho\Rk7Reference
  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_ho\Rk7Manager
  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_ho\Rk7Reports
  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_bo\Rk7MidServer
  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_bo\Rk7Cash
  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_bo\Rk7WinPrint

The Win folder contains the following applications:

  • \refsrv.exe — r_keeper 7 reference server, protected by the Guardant key.
  • \rkReportServer.exe — r_keeper 7 report server
  • \bldcube.exe — builds and recalculates cubes. Called from refsrv.exe.
  • \bldcubex.exe — builds and recalculates cubes on 2+ GB RAM. Called from refsrv.exe.
  • \midserv.exe — a cash server. It is protected by the Guardant key and requires a license to work
  • \escape.txt — a list of printer commands used by midserv.exe
  • \wincash.bat — starts the cash station and pre-updates it
  • \wincash.dat — starts the cash station and pre-updates it on Linux+Wine
  • \winprint.exe — Windows print server
  • \rk7man.exe — manager station
  • \rk7manex.exe — manager station, used together with bldcubex.exe on a computer with 2+ GB RAM
  • \port32.exe — this program installs a special driver that allows you to work with processor ports on Windows. This is necessary for some drivers.
  • \preload.exe — the program for preloading working modules to the cash register and the cash server
  • \ini\*. ini — sample files with settings. During the first installation, copy to the same folder as the executable modules


When installed by the installer, the path to the folder will be as follows:

  • [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_bo\Rk7MidServer\Midbase

The working directory of the cash server. It stores server references and a database. The directory is automatically created during the first launch of the cash server; the directory name is taken from the configuration file of the cash server (rkeeper.ini).

  • \col X — the folder with the collection. The number of folders corresponds to collections, i.e. X = 1 ... N. The name of the collection can be viewed in the properties of the cash server running as an application, on the «Directories» tab. The ID collection of the cash server corresponds to the ID collection  of the top server.
  • \Modules.udb — contains working modules of the cash register.
  • \Work.udb — a receipt database file. Resets to zero when the common cash shift is closed.

Base\workmods folder

When installed by the installer, the path to the folder is as follows — [Disk]:\UCS\instance_name_ho\Rk7Reference\base\

The workmods folder contains databases of modules for automatic updates at cash registers and management stations using preload.exe.
It is advisable to leave only the files you need in this folder.


  • cardval.udb — bank card authorization devices
  • cashstat.udb — various device drivers
  • fr4print.udb — fr4print.dll is used to print documents in the Windows printer FastReport 4 layout
  • InpDevs.udb — ID input device
  • interfcs.udb — interfaces
  • keyboards.udb — keyboards and ports
  • pagers.udb — pagers
  • SecScreen.udb — drivers for the second monitor
  • tarific.udb — raters
  • moebius.udb — Mobius fiscal register
  • frrus.udb —  Atol family fiscal registers driver (NOTE08TK, BAR PRK, SPARK-617ТК, MERCURY-119, MERCURY MS-K)
  • bulgaria.udb — Bulgarian fiscal registers
  • latvia.udb — fiscal memory drivers for Latvia
  • litva.udb — ST-05 fiscal register driver for Lithuania
  • poland.udb — Polish fiscal registers
  • ukraine.udb — Maria fiscal register driver
  • vietnam.udb — drivers for Vietnam
  • prdoscash.udb — doscash.exe (also used for Windows)
  • preload.udb — the latest version of preload and system DLLs, not necessary at the initial installation as all the files are already in bin\wine
  • prwincash.udb — wincash.exe (for compatibility, simply launches doscash.exe)
  • midservs.udb — cash server files container (midserv.exe)
  • repservs.udb — report server files container (rkReportsServer.exe)
  • managers.udb — manager station file container (rk7man.exe)
  • managerX.udb — manager station with higher capacity (can be renamed managerX.ud_)
  • winprint.udb — Winprint.exe
  • Rkwm.udb — the file is created by the server to store working modules, is not contained in the distribution package
  • russian — Russian localization file and language driver
  • lang.udb — language drivers (optional), not needed if you have the necessary loc_xxx.udb
  • loc_xxx.udb — local localization file and language driver. The localization file is updated by the dealer using WMBReplL.exe. The initial file is taken from ForDealers\DosLocal\loc_xxx.udb.