This article describes the system parameters configured during installation and the parameters used to set up connections with other systems.
To edit the parameters, go to Options > Parameters and select the Installation parameter group in the tree.

Root Elements

CRC32CheckModeModules consistency check mode at the cash station
CubesSourceTypeDefault datasource and construction method for cubes
EnterpriseCodeEnterprise code for PDS and Head Office
ExtCodesBaseAll external codes assigned to new elements are guaranteed to be greater than this value
LightWeightCheckBaseTo store only partial data in check.udb, allows reducing the size of check.udb when using alternative DBMS
ShowLogoWhether to display the r_keeper logo in the upper-left corner of each window

Connection with Other Systems Group


Used when importing cost prices from StoreHouse4

SH4StorehouseThe warehouse code in StoreHouse. When using multiple warehouses, separate their codes by commas
SH4UsernameThe username in StoreHouse
SH4PasswordThe password in StoreHouse
SH4ServerStoreHouse server address, as displayed in the about window of the warehouse client. if there is a name in brackets, write it
SH4CommodityGroupGoods group code in StoreHouse4. When using multiple groups, specify their codes separated by commas
SH4UseAltNamesExport alternate names to StoreHouse 4

Personal cards

PDSServerNameThe client card server network name (see NetServerName), can be overridden by the interface parameter, see PDS Server Name. Should be set if necessary to use exceptions (for multiple servers)
PDSUseCurrentLogicDateTo use the current logical shift date as the PDS/Farcards transaction date. if Νο, the current system date is used
ShowCardImageShow the picture linked with the card
ShowCardInfoShow the dialog with the card information

KDS and VDU group

KDSClassifficationClassification for KDS and VDU. If not set, KDS is not used
VDUTextLabelText with parameters:%0:s — waiter name (default),%1:s — table name, %2:s — order category, %3:s — order type, %4:s — saved visit comment, %5:s — unsaved comment

Brunswick Bowling

TariffNewTableDefines the interface behavior when transferring the tariffication result to r_keeper. If enabled, a new table will be created (the number of the table is equal to the number of the lane). If disabled, the result of tariffication will be added to the existing table. Typically used in large bowling alleys.

Weight Dishes

BarcodeDivisorДелитель веса, полученного из весового штрих-кода (например, из алгоритма «Обработка по маске»)
Weight divisor got from the weight barcode (for example, from the Processing by mask algorithm)
WeightUnitNameThe name of the unit of measure for weight meals
DoseUnitNameThe name of the unit of measure for the dispensed food


LicenseNotifyBeforeThe period (in days) for which a warning should be issued at the cash station about the impending license expiration
LicenseNotifyTextText of the license expiration warning message (use %s to insert an expiration date)

Language Settings

The parameters of this group cannot be edited, but they are set when the refsrv.exe server is started from the translation files (see MainLang, AltLang)

AltCharsetCharset of the alternate language
AltLangIDWindows language identifier for an alternative language, set by the server automatically from the server's dictionary keyboard (see AltLang)
HTTPCharsets A set of characters for HTTP. Since versions
MainCharset Charset of the main language
MainLangIDWindows language identifier for the main language, set by the server automatically from the server's dictionary keyboard (see MainLang)

Starting from version a new Character set for HTTP parameter has been added. If you assign it the Windows-1251 value, then messages in Russian will be displayed in the correct encoding in the servers' WEB interface.

SQL Server Configuration

ADO providerThe name of the database service provider. Currently, the ‘SQLOLEDB.1’ (MS SQL Server) value is supported. If it is filled in, it is being written to the database.
Server nameSQL Server Name
UsernameSQL Server Username
PasswordSQL Server User Password
DatabaseThe name of the database where changes are written