After the successful boot up, the employee login window will appear on the screen. 

To log into the application after it has been restarted, the employee should have the "First registration after booting" rights.

The "First Registration" notification in red is displayed in the registration window after the restart.

Once an employee with the "First registration" rights is registered, this notification will no longer be displayed for the next logins to the application until the application is restarted.
After logging out of the application (either by logout or due to prolonged inactivity - inactivity timeout) you will have to log in again.

To log in, swipe your magnetic card across the magnetic card reader from right to left (top to bottom) or log in using the employee code and password. For the latter, enter the code and password in the respective fields of in the log in window.
The "About" information can be displayed by tapping on the button:

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