The main menu is a list of functions that can be used at the cash register.

For each entity, it is possible to use its own forms and settings, in this case, the illustrations and their descriptions found in the manual may differ from the interface of the cash register application.

With the default settings, the main menu is displayed after registering in the cash station application.

It contains the following sections and operations:


Create order - switching to the order creation form New order

Edit order - switching to the Order editing mode

Quick receipt - switching to the Quick receipt editing mode

Reservations - switching to the Reservation mode

Tariff - switching to the Tarification mode

Order control - switching to the Order control mode



Awards and penalties - switching to the Order control mode

Personal registration - switching to the Staff registration mode

Clock-in/out - switching to the Monitoring staff working time form


Delivery menu - switching to the Delivery mode


Prohibited dishes - switching to the menu to view and edit dishes view with some limits

Limited dishes - switching to the menu to view meals for which quantity limit has been set or restricted

Reservation chart form - switching to the Reserve chart mode


Close cash shift - closing the shift at the cashdesk. Closing a shift does not cancel the employee registrations

Close common shift - closing a general shift

Collect money out of cash box - switching to the Cash collection mode

Pay in cash box - switching to the Cash payment mode

Cash reports - switching to the Cash reports mode

Preview reports - switching to the Cash reports viewing mode

Personal cards:

Show card info - switching to the Card information mode;

Creation of deposit for a payment card - switching to depositing the discount card mode;

Client card pay account withdrawal - switching to the withdrawing money from card mode;


Closed receipts - viewing receipts closed during the shift with the possibility of deleting

Closed orders - viewing orders closed during the shift

Visits - opening the Hostess form in the Select a visit mode. If a Visit order is set True, this operation is not available on the main menu;


Special driver menu - switching to the drivers menu mode

Service menu - switching from the Service menu mode 

Return of the goods - switching to the Return mode (random and non-random returns)


Reload references - this command is used to update references from an external storage medium

Clear service print queue - clearing the queue of internal print service


Internal stock transactions - switching to the internal stock mode for bars, warehouses, etc.

Inventory - moving items from one warehouse to another


MCR algorithm debug - testing MCR algorithms

Setting up communications with a mobile warehouse

Resetting connection settings

Function keys block:

Return to the previous menu

Switching from service menu

Opening "About" information window

Close application

End of session - the ending of the session by an employee, the closure of the registration

Exit - ending the work at the cash station.

Buttons with forms and functions names that are not available can be hidden or can be inactive (the name will be displayed in grey)

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer