After swiping the card, the bank server can reply with the following error: “Voice authorization is requested”. In this case, the system will display the window requesting the authorization code.

To authorize, the employee needs to select the desired currency from the “credit cards” list. The system will display the window with the Extra info request. You need to fill in all the fields.

Card number - Credit card number;

Authorization code - to fill in this field, the employee needs to call the bank and request the authorization code, verifying the card number and validity info.


After all the fields are filled in, tap on

After that, the credit card is charged and the order is closed.

If the card cannot be operated automatically, you can use the voice authorization (if the authorization setting is allowed). After that, the bank server operates the data as it was described earlier.

If the payment is deleted, the card authorization is canceled.

For confidentiality, the credit card number is replaced by the asterisk * in the order edit form and the order reports.




The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer