Bill - printing the bill in a special layout;

Bills on seat - printing the bills assigned to the seats;

Content - switch to the “Content edit” mode, from which you can edit the extra info for the payments and/or delete them. This operation appears in the menu after the first payment is made instead of the “Bill”;

Cancel the bill - is used instead of the Bill after it was printed out or the print error (ALT+Bill for the keyboard stations). This operation can be performed in several cases: 1. Canceling the Bill, 2. Canceling the bill, caused by the printer error;

To pay - this operation helps to equalize the balance in the national currency titled on the payment button before the operation title. If the currency property is marked as automatically, the receipt will be equalized automatically. If it is not marked, you need to insert the amount of the payment made by the guest. If this amount surpluses the bill, the change will be counted automatically. If you tap on To pay again, the receipt will be equalized. The operation can be closed after this step, depending on the Autclosure of the operation configurations. If the operation is not closed automatically after you tap To pay, select the order from the Choose the order to close (Main menu - Edit the order). This operation is also used to repeat print the receipt that was not printed out due to technical errors.

Change - if the guest paid more than the bill, this operation equalizes the receipt automatically counting the change in the national currency.

Change in tips - if the configuration is set to Markup to tips, the surplus payment can be transformed to tips and thus the receipt is equalized.

In prepayments - this operation lets you transfer the payment to the prepayments and close the window if the operation needs to be canceled.

Delete payments - delete the payments and exit the payment mode.

Close - exit the payment mode to the order edit mode. This operation is only available if the payments are deleted.

Invoice - open the entity properties where you can edit the Invoice. This operation will appear in the operations menu if the use of the invoice is set on by default or after creating the order (the configurations are displayed automatically when creating the order). If this parameter is set as “do not use”, the operation is unavailable.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer