If the business entity introduces the personal payment cards, they can be added to the order. The card data will be displayed on a screen.

Set the “paying by the payment card” parameter as “ask” to display the “Payment by the card” button.

To close the window with the card info, tap anywhere in the form title area (Cancel button for the keyboard stations).

In the list of the currencies in the Payment cards group, you will have the currencies assigned to the cardholder. If there is a discount setting on a card, the discount will automatically be added to the order. If there is a bonus assigned to the card, it will only be added if the discount was applied.

If the card was authorized by the employee who doesn’t have the rights, the discount will be added to the order, but the persinalized currency settings might be unavailable. The employee needs to confirm the payment by swiping the card again.

The available debit is shown on the currency button. Insert the total that the guest is paying by the payment card in the insert field and tap on the the button with the personalized currency.

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