The receipt is automatically printed out when the bill amount matches the amount of money (in the national currency) submitted by the guest.

If the receipt was not printed out due to printer errors, you will see the following line in the receipt.

The order button with the receipt not printed due to the printer errors is marked as

The order with the receipt not printed out due to the printer error is unavailable for editing. This order has the following status: order with a bill. If the order has one of the receipts on a seat not printed out, only those seats are available for editing.

You can set a “seat by default” on one of the opened orders on a seat and add the dishes to that order.

The repeat print of the receipt is available for those who have the relevant rights using the To pay operation.

To cancel the receipt payment after the failed attempt, use the Delete the payment operation and then cancel the bill. In this case, the window with the following note will be displayed: The receipt was not printed out, because the error occurred. Are you sure, you want to cancel the receipt? tap on “yes” to cancel. To print the receipt again, tap on To pay.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer