Upgrade License

The mechanics of checking the upgrade license is added.

  • To update r_keeper 7 to version and higher, a paid license is required — R-Keeper _ module_ Update
  • For all new objects, an upgrade license is issued automatically for a period of 1 year. A new object means the first purchase of the cash stations for an object in the licensing system.
  • If licenses for the cash stations were purchased at the facility before September 2022, then an upgrade license must be added. One license is added for an amount equal to or greater than the available master licenses for the cash register for this object
  • For updates to versions up to inclusive, a license is not required
  • When ordering licenses for update, you must select a license for an equal or greater number of master licenses for the cash stations of this object. If you specify the number of upgrade licenses less than the number of active cash stations on the object, the order will not be created
  • If there are several restaurants in the reference server database, a license must be purchased for all objects in the database. If there is no active license for at least one object, the reference server will not start the update process.

Read more in the License for Update article.

Selected Dishes

A new mode for the cash station — Favorite dishes —  is added.

Now, waiters and managers can add dishes to Favorites at the cash station, similarly to the Prohibited dishes. This is a quick menu that is available to the waiter in order editing mode.

It is possible to add to Favorites those dishes that are often ordered, but located in different menu folders, for example, bread, cutlery, drinks. Or it can be promotional dishes that the waiter must insistently offer to guests. Such dishes are placed in one common folder, where they are easy to find, and there is no need to waste time moving to different folders.

  • Dishes that are added to Favorites in the main selector are marked with an asterisk
  • The functionality is available both in a fast check — fast food mode, and in a common mode — for a classic restaurant
  • The Clear the list of favorite dishes when closing a shift option is added, similar to forbidden dishes.

Major Improvements

  • For Shtrikh, Athol, Spark-115 drivers, a command for printing a Z-report has been added to the driver menu
  • The exception for the Server parameter for prohibited or restricted dishes is improved. This improvement will allow setting up individual lists of prohibited or restricted dishes for different restaurants or concepts, as well as general lists for several outlets
  • The integrity check of transferred files from the cash server to the report/reference server has been implemented. If an error is found, the file is automatically re-requested
  • Installer: the possibility to create a PostgreSQL database is added
  • The  time of license transfer for r_k Cloud is reduced. Previously, the license was transferred to r_keeper within 3 days after generation, and the license department managers had to manually allocate licenses to objects due to complaints from dealers. Now the transfer of licenses is carried out every hour and a half.
  • New synchronization: the problem with the growth of the DBSync folder is fixed, since the backups were not cleared — the BackupCountLimit parameter did not work.