Mass Creation of Tables

A new option of tables mass creation is added. Previously, if a restaurant needed to create many tables, all the tables had to be created separately, which took a lot of time.

  • Now, it is possible to automatically create tables according to a speicfied range. For example: if you set the range to 1 — 20, then 20 tables will be created at once
  • Each hall plan has its own table codes and not consequtive numbers for all hall plans
  • There is a limit added for the number of tables in one hall plan: no more than 100 tables.

When creating tables, the following options are available:

  • Name prefix
  • Number of tables to be created
  • The maximum number of guests that must be specified — a required field
  • Using code in the title. This option is enabled by default. If disabled, the serial number is specified
  • Quantity limit: as many elements as necessary will be created so that the hall plan has exactly the specified number of tables.

You can create tables both for one selected hall and for several. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the codes uniqueness is checked for the hall plan, but the table name uniqueness — for the whole restaurant.

Other Changes

  • Shtrih Driver. FFD1.2. Filling in the tag 2003 according to the type of operation and item
  • Atol Driver: FFD1.2. Filling in the tag 2003 according to the type of operation and item
  • r_k 7: fpDatecs: Ability to print a barcode and a QR code
  • Support for marking on Barcode FFD 1.05

Fixes and Improvements

The following issues are fixed in the new version:

  • Cash station freeze in
  • An incorrect reconnection to the main cash server when using a backup cash server
  • The Waiting exclusive mode for collection SYNCDATAS error when starting a manager station after a long idle period
  • The reference/report server: generated tables were not created during manual upload to PGS
  • The too big additional information error when swiping the card, as the built-in lz improperly compresses the .xml file with the order composition
  • Synchronization issues: local prices were not synchronized
  • The cash station did not allow adding two identical bottles of alcohol, mistakenly giving out the phrase: Mark is already in the order
  • Incorrectly generated receipts for change from prepayment
  • When closing a common shift, connection with all stations with terminals was required, even if the shift was already closed at them
  • In the number of the electronic queue, the letters were shifted by +1 relatively to the correct algorithm: instead of A, B was displayed, C was displayed instead of B, and so on
  • An error when making a prepayment if the order contains a partially deleted dish
  • An error when deleting a prepayment: the list of dishes differed from those in the prepayment receipt
  • The reference server, xml-request SetRefData: PDS interface bindings to the cash server were removed incorrectly
  • cvSBplt: AV when trying to pay
  • Shtrikh-Kazakhstan 194 driver issued sales as a return
  • r_k 7 fiscal module: when the connection between the PC and the fiscal register was interrupted, the connection between unifr and the fiscal register was not automatically restored.