Release dated 01.20.23.

CurrLines Table: Generation of Unique UNIs for Visit

We have completed works on generating a unique UNI for the CurrLines table for a visit.

In previous versions, there was a problem of discrepancies in reporting due to a non-unique primaryKey in the CurrLines table when uploading data online, with several guests in the order and paying for each of the dishes in several currencies.

The UNI generation algorithm is now corrected: for the TCheckCurrLine class, we added the possibility to reuse a UNI only if the additional fields coincide.

XML Receipt for Protocol 29: Extended Order Properties

At the cash station, it is now possible to use the Phone and E-mail fields with data from external loyalty systems sent via Farcards — extended properties are now sent together with the order contents!

With this option, you can send electronic receipts, coupons, or other useful information to the customer.

Before version, extended properties were not sent via Farcards, so users had to manually specify the necessary information in the Extra info field.

So we have added the EXTPROPERTIES tag containing all extended order properties:

This tag has 3 attributes:

  • name — the extended property's identifier
  • value — a text value of the property
  • rk_type_name — a system name of the extended property in r_keeper: if this property is not set in the keeper, then the field is not transferred.

Paying/Deleting Order with Dish from Stop List

In previous versions, it was impossible to pay for an order if it contains a deleted dish included in the stop list. Also, in the quick check mode, it was impossible to delete all dishes from the order and save the order.

Since version, working with an order with a dish from the stop list, you can now delete the dish from the order. After this, the order can be paid for.

SDC fiscal API (Serbia) (fpRS_SDC.dll) Added to upgradepresets.xml

We have added the SDC fiscal API (Serbia) fiscal driver to upgradepresets.abs. The driver has the following parameters:

  • dll name — fpRS_SDC.dll
  • Ranges of payment fiscal indexes — 0..100
  • Ranges of tax fiscal indexes — 0..100

Fixed Tax Range for fpBY_imlab.dll Driver

The tax range 0-255 is now set for the fpBY_imlab.dll driver (number 192 in the list of drivers).

Orders from Head Office in Reservation Chart Form

Previously, the reservation chart form displayed only orders from the current restaurant, and did not display orders from the Head Office restaurant.

At the same time, it was possible to make a reservation for a table in the Head Office at the cash station.

Thus, a reservation could be made but not viewed.

Since version, orders from the Head Office are displayed in the reservation chart form.