1. Test bench
    1. Before upgrading, perform the process on the test bench
      • The process of upgrading from the active version, that is currently used on the network, to the required version
    2. Please, note:
      • New synchronization
        • When upgrading to 7.6.5, the new synchronization is enabled by default
        • When upgrading to 7.6.4, the old synchronization is enabled by default
        • When using the new synchronization:
        • See the article on Solving Synchronization Problems
        • Write to the Service Desk
      • Check the operation of barcode readers and scanners
        • In some versions, drivers don't work as they should. Be sure to perform a preliminary check
      • Check the scenarios of cash transactions - payment, advance payment, repayment of an advance, cancellation, refund with cash and non-cash currencies
      • Check transactions related to tax rates/VAT, Common System of Taxation, fiscal currency types
      • Check work and configuration of prepayments 
      • Check price types. After upgrading, prices should be saved for all price types. Otherwise, all dishes will be unavailable for sale
      • Check all the typical operations that the restaurant usually performs.
      • Check work of external/internal integrations.
  2. Backups
    1. It is recommended to make a backup copy of a folder, and not only of a database. If necessary, it should be possible to return to the previous version as quickly as possible.
  3. Network Architecture
    1. The recommended scheme for large networks is described in the article on the Reports Server Setup.
  4. Upgrade
    1. The upgrade process is prechecked on the test bench as part of step 1. The sequence of actions should be as close as possible to the real one, i.e. taking into account the upgrade of the entire chain from the references server to the checkout.
    2. In the case of a gradual upgrade of several restaurants per day, it should also be tested on the test bench with regard to different software versions working in the same network.
  5. Articles and documentation
    1. Basic documentation: R_keeper 7 Installing and Upgrading
    2. Solving problems with the new synchronization
    3. Network Architecture: Setup of Reports Server.