The shift recovery mechanism described below is mostly used to repair the common shift database at the daily closing (error 714). The reports or references server log indicates the following error:

714:Exception on file filename.udb processing: Page is corrupted, file: filename.udb, table: TABLENAME

Scenario :

  1. Find the shXXXXXX.udb file in the cash server backup directory. This is the shift file, made before closing the common shift, which contains all the data related to the shift (all closed receipts). XXXXXX is the number of the corrupted shift. The file is saved into the \midbase\Backup\ folder by default.
  2. It is mandatory to save (relocate, rename) the current work.udb. Once the recovery is over, this file should be returned for the next shift to work properly.
  3. Rename the newly found shXXXXXX.udb file into work.udb and move it into the cash server \midbase\ folder, and then launch the cash server.
  4. Launch the cash station and close the shift.

    Some additional settings may be required, such as turning off a fiscal printer, reconnecting or disconnecting to other systems (f.ex., TimeKeeper), increasing the maximum allowed working hours.

  5. Wait until the shift is closed (optionally until the file is sent to the reports server).
  6. Return the original work.udb file and continue working in the standard mode.

    nsXXXXXX.udb is anew shift file recording the status prior to the first receipt is paid and may contain unpaid orders from the previous shift.