Reference element export/import through XML files is a convenient instrument allowing transfer of elements between r_keeper 7 reference databases. It should be pointed out that at the moment this mechanism is under testing, so we encourage suggestions on improvements and adjustments as well as error reporting. In any case, a backup copy of reference data must be created before any using the import procedure. Below is the step-by-step description of the import process.

  1. Create a backup copy of the reference database.

    If you miss this step, any further instructions are useless!
  2. Go to the manager station and connect to the database from which you need to export elements (reports). Open Options > OLAP Reports > Cubes and Reports, select required reports, right-click them and choose Save Elements to XML File... in the Actions menu

  3. Make sure the list of elements to be exported is correct and press the Save XML File button

  4. Enter the file name to save the elements. This is the last step for operations performed with the database involved in the export
  5. Make sure that the database, to which the data should be imported, doesn't contain the required reports (or does contain them if they are being updated). Go to Service > XML Import/Export
  6. In the XML Import/Export form, press the Load XML File button
  7. Select the file from which elements should be imported.
  8. Make sure the list of elements to be imported is correct and press Add Items.
  9. Answer positively to the program request (of course if you made a backup copy before running the import procedure).
  10. Make sure the list of imported elements is correct. In case of failure, you should roll the database back to the backup created in par. 1.