Table reservations chart form shows the full picture of current reservations for the week and lets to check the ingredients or the reservations for the date.

To view the mode, tap Reservation chart form on the main menu

After that you will get into the Reservation chart mode.

Reservation chart structure

In the Reservation chart form you can see due reservations for all the Halls.

Vertical left panel displays all the tables available at the restaurant, on the top you can see the current week days Monday to Sunday, lower there is a time hourly panel.

Vertical right panel displays the function keys: “Today” to switch to the current day, crearing “New order”, reataurant areas and return to the “Main menu”

A new reserve is daispayed at the intersection of the date and time and table.

Working with the table reservations chart form

To check the reservations in one of the restaurant areas, tap on it in the vertical right panel. The selected area will be colored orange and the reservations are displayed in the relevant column.

To view all the reservations for the restaurant, deactivate the area chart.

To create a new reservation, tap “New order”, after that a “New order” form will be displayed. Use the “Create order” settings to create a new reservation.

After selecting the desired reserve, a new form will open from which you can switch to the order, check order properties and create the ingredient report.

The ingredient list preview

To get a list of the ingredients for a certain reservation, tap on a date and tap “Ingredients”.

To have this function working properly, you need to set up the configuration from the manager account. Check the relevant article for more info.

Choose the layout to view.

The list of ingredients - is a report for all the reservations on the selected date groupped by the orders.

The ungroupped list of ingredients - is a report for all the reservations on the selected date without the order groupping.