To find a saved order, you need to go to the "Edit order" form. 

Form structure

The order editing form (for Touch Screen stations) is displayed below. The order can be selected from previously opened and saved orders.

The form contains the following operations:

Create order - switching to the "New order" form 

Tariff - switching to the Tariff setting mode.

Close order - switching to the preview of the orders that might be closed

The parameter "Order auto-closure" is for closing orders. If the parameter is activated, the orders fully covered by printed receipts will be closed automatically. If the parameter is deactivated, the order is closed manually in the order closing mode. To close the order, simply tap on the selected order.

Quick receipt - switching to the quick receipt mode

Sort modes - selecting sorting filters:

  • by opening time

  • by waiter

  • by table

  • by sum

  • by type

Details - displaying enlarged order buttons instead of the hall plan.

In this mode, the buttons additionally display comments for the visit, if any, and the order type. To return to the hall plan mode, tap the Hall plan button.

Structure of the order button

The colour of the order button depends on the background colour specified in the employee's setting properties.
The illustration displays the fields of the order buttons in details and briefly below.

The following symbols may appear on the button:

the order is partially paid for

a receipt for the order is printed out

a receipt is not printed due to a print failure

the order is paid for and can be closed. It appears if manual order closing is set up and the "Order auto-closure" is disabled.

there are unopened clocks in the order. The symbol is not displayed if there is a draft block in an order

the order is blocked for editing because it is being edited at another station

the order is split among those at the table

the order has been prepaid

the order is empty

the order includes dishes by weight

the order has a tariffication activated

there is an unsaved version of the order. This order is being edited by another employee at another station, and the order is now in timeout status.

a Draft order block is added to the order

Searching and selecting an order to edit

An order can be selected in several ways:

  1. Tap the order button in the list of editable orders

  2. Tap on the table with the order on the graphical hall plan. If the table icon is flashing, there is at least one order placed there. When tapping on the table, only the order(s) placed at this table will be displayed.

  3. Tap on the filter icon, in the opened form, set the parameter and the specifications. By default the filter by comment is opened, but this can be changed.

To reset the search parameters, tap "Clear".

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer