Modifiers are additions to a dish. They may be common, required, or optional. They may also change the price of a dish – reduce or increase it.

If a dish has a required modifier assigned, the system will automatically enter the Modifiers mode, when such a dish is chosen.

If a particular optional modifier is available for a dish, it is possible to enter the Modifiers mode by tapping the Modifiers button.

Common modifiers may be added to any dish, using the Modifiers button.

Addition, deletion, or replacement of modifiers is only possible for the unprinted dishes. It is not possible to change the modifiers list for printed dishes. It will require a complete deletion of a dish and re-entering it into the order once again with the necessary modifiers.

To add modifiers to a dish, select it in the order, and tap the Modifiers button. The modifier groups will be displayed on the right, along with the modifiers from the first group. Tap a modifier to add it to a dish. To move to the next modifier group, select it manually, and tap the Next group button.

A dish may have two modifier schemes: the first is specified in the Modifier Scheme property of the dish; the second one – in the property of the category, to which the dish belongs. Modifier groups of both schemes will be available at the cash station simultaneously. The category scheme's groups are shown first, followed by the groups of the dish-related scheme.

At the bottom, the list of the operations, which allow changing or deletion of modifiers, will be displayed.

Next group – moving to the next group. The modifiers are shown by groups, according to the modifier scheme.

Clear group – if modifiers from the group were selected mistakenly, tapping this button will delete all the modifiers from the current open group.

Delete dish – deletes the dish along with its modifiers.

Content – allows replacing the selected modifier from the group, or deleting one or several modifiers from the group. This operation is also available in the Extra section for the dishes that are already in the order.

To delete the selected modifier, tap on it, and the system will open a confirmation window. Tap Yes to confirm the deletion, or No – to cancel the operation.

To delete all the selected modifiers from the group, tap the Delete all button. The system will display a message: tap Yes to confirm the deletion, or No – to cancel the operation.

If there is a replacement assigned for the default modifier, it is possible to once replace one modifier with another, that belongs to the same group. To perform the replacement, select the same modifier group, tap on the replacing modifier, and it will be inserted instead of the default one. Such a replacement is not considered a deletion.

If different sets of modifiers need to be added to similar dishes, every such dish must be added to the order as a separate line.

Specific Modifiers

A specific modifier is a modifier, assigned to a particular dish.

A dish may have required and optional modifiers assigned to it. A modifier from the required group must be selected. The optional modifiers have no limitations regarding their selection. The required group is highlighted in red; the optional – in white. If a dish has a required modifier assigned, it is not possible to move on to editing another dish, until that modifier is selected, or unless the Deferred mode of modifier entering parameter is set.

Several identical modifiers may be added for one portion of a dish. The maximum amount is set at the manager station in the Max In One Dish modifier property. The modifiers, which have reached their maximum amount, become inactive.

Increasing the number of dish portions proportionally increases the number of selected modifiers. Visually, only the number of dish portions will increase in such an order, and the number of modifiers will stay the same.

Depending on the settings at the manager station, a modifier may increase or reduce the price of the dish. The modifier that changes the price is shown in bold type.

In a printed document, the modifiers with a price are shown along with their quantity and price.

The modifier's name may be added to the dish's name, if the Basic – Add To Name property is set at the manager station. Such a modifier is added into an order in a standard way, but it is printed out in a document as a continuation of the dish's name.

Common Modifiers

A common modifier may be selected for any dish on the menu. A common modifier may have a fixed name. There is also an option to enter its name using the keyboard, or completely replace the name of the dish with its name.

To choose the common modifiers, select the necessary dish in the order, and tap the Modifiers button. Select the common modifiers group in the right menu, and tap on the modifier's name.

If the Input Name flag is set for a modifier at the r_keeper manager station, when it is selected in an order, a keyboard is displayed automatically for the name input. It means that the name for the modifier is not assigned in advance, and must be entered directly in the order.

After typing the name, tap on the green check mark button. To cancel the operation, tap the red cross button.

It is also possible to add a modifier with a name input, which replaces the dish name. For example, this option may be used for selling the dishes that are not on the menu. Working with such a modifier is similar to working with a modifier with a name input, but during printing, the modifier name will replace the dish name.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer