Discount/markup can apply to the whole order, a single seat (individual guest), or a single dish.

Depending on the discount/markup settings, they fall under the following categories:

Automatic discount/markup is set in the process of placing the order if the order terms (period, type of the order, the sum, amount of the dishes, etc.) meet the settings in the “Using discount/markup” directory. An employee can delete discount/markup, if they have the corresponding rights.

Manually the discount/markup can be set if the employee has the right to do so, and the terms meet the settings in the “Using discount/markup” directory. When applying manually, the discount/markup is displayed in the central menu in the following groups: “order”, “seat”, “dish”.

Discount/markup can be calculated as a percent of the dish price or the order total. A variety of the discount/markup is the fixed amount from the order total or the dish price.

Besides the discount/markup settings, there are also the specifications, that determine the discount/markup amount, depending on the order total, amount of the dishes, guest type, and their number, and the amount of the discount/markup. If the manually set discount/markup amount does not correspond to the specifications, the discount is not included. If they do correspond, the discount/markup is displayed in the sum grid and is included in the order total.

The discount/markup amount can be entered manually into the insert field, or calculated automatically if there are the modifiable value settings. If those settings are off, the default value for the discount/markup is applied to the order.

The discount/markup setting for payment is the one, defined for the currency in the configurations. When paying using this currency, it is added automatically into the receipt. The discount title and the value are displayed in the discount line, the order total is reduced (increased) by the amount of the discount (markup).

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer