To set the discount/markup manually:

  1. Tap on the Discount/markup button

  2. Choose the desired type of discount/markup (dish, seat, order) from the popup menu.

  3. Choose the desired group from the popup folders (if such were set from the manager account).

  4. Choose the desired discount/markup, that will be added to the order as a separate line, the order total will change, depending on the amount of the discount.

The employee should have the “discount”, “markup”, “reducing the order total” rights to change the order discounts and markups. To add a “discount” to the order of the other employee, use “adding discount to the other order”.

Adding the discount/markup on an “Order”

Discount/markup on an order is used for the order total.

To add the discount/markup, select the discount/markup you need to apply.

In the order field, you will see the new line with the discount title and its designation (Amount or Percent), the order total will decrease.

When selecting the markup, a separate line will appear with the markup title and its designations (Amount or Percent), and the order total will increase.

Setting the discount/markup on a “Seat”

A discount/markup on a seat is applied to the selected seat in the order.

To apply the discount on a seat:

  1. Split the orders into several, corresponding to the number of the seats. Otherwise, the discount on the seat is not available;

  2. Tap on the “Discount” and select the “Seat” discount type.

  3. Choose the discount from the list;

  4. Select the seat to apply the discount on.

The new line with the discount title, designation (Amount or Percent), and the number of the Seat will appear. The total will be reduced.

When selecting the markup, you will also see the new line with the discount title, designation (Amount or Percent), and the number of the Seat. The price will increase.

Discount on the order with restrictions.

If there is a restriction on the discount (category, for example) and there are no dishes in the order, that meet the rules set for the discount, the total will not be displayed after it is applied. On a screenshot you can see the discount applied to the certain category - “Coffee”. Since there is no such dish in the order, the discount amount is not displayed.

The discount amount will change if the dish is added from the category.


The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer