To set the PDS (Personal Discount System) card, swipe it through the card reader, or enter the card number from the keyboard (Extra - Keyboard code). You will see the notification displayed on the screen: “ PDS card authorization…”.

If the authorization was successful, you will see the new window open - “Client card …”. Under the cardholder name field, you will see the guest profile information. Below that, there are the following fields:

  • Guest preferences ;

  • Rest - debit card balance;

  • Max pay - payment limit for the card;

  • Discount - Discount rate;

  • Bonus type;

  • Defaulter type;

  • Max discount - the info from the discount configuration - discount rate settings for the PDS;

  • Image - profile photo

Below the Image, the Discount rate is displayed

  • The discount is applied,

  • The discount cannot be applied to the order. If you click (on the TS stations) on this button (or press Enter on the keyboard stations), the system will display the error.

If the discount is applied to the seat, the list of the available seats is displayed. You need to select the seat to apply.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer