Preload.exe is a program for preloading workmods to the cash station and cash server. After this, you need to launch movemod.exe (the xcopy for Windows is called from wincash.bat). The default settings file name is wincash.ini. If these files are not available but rkeeper.ini is, then the latter will be used. You can force a name for the settings file in the command line's first parameter.

Configuration File

CONFIG Section

The name of the server which should be used to download the mods is set by one of the parameters:
SERVER = NAME — In this case, the name denotes a cash server name, and the update is made for the cash station.

REFSERVER = NAME — The server name denotes a references server name, and the cash server joined with the cash register will be updated.
The Name of the Client (making the update) is set by the CLIENT () or STATION () parameter.


BufDir = PRELOAD — the buffer directory where the files from the server will be downloaded to
ListFile = PRELOAD.LST — the name of the file containing data on the file versions
WaitOnError = 20 — the timeout in case of an error (in seconds)
LongTimeout = 100000
— the timeout for receiving a collection or a mod file
IgnoreThisOSType = 0 — (for versions, if 1, the mods for another OS can be downloaded. Necessary if the preload is launched under one OS and everything works under the other.