The print station, sometimes also called the print server, is configured in the manager station the same way as the cash station is. Any devices available for connection to the cash station can be also connected to the print station.

It is launched like other servers — either as an app or as a service.

The default executable file is Winprint.exe.

The default config file for this station is Winprint.ini.

Station and config file names can be arbitrary. The config file name for the print station is specified in the Winprint.ini file.

When the software is installed from the distribution kit — the archive from the folder — the Winprint.ini file needs to be copied from \bin\win\ini\ into the \bin\win\ working folder where Winprint.exe is located.

If the software is installed via the installer, the cash station with the config file is placed in the [installation path\instance name\Rk7WinPrint] folder.


The print station is not subject to licensing, but the operation thereof requires an active cash server license.
It is possible to use a license for 0 cash register stations, but it must be activated.

Operation Specific Features

The launched cash server is required for the print station to work. A separate cash server can be created for this purpose.

Winprint.ini Config File Description

[Config] — the main section.

STATION=WINPRINT3001_01           ; the station network name, same as the one specified in the manager station (find above).   
Server = MIDSRV3001               ; the network name of the cash server to which the print server will be connected   
ERRORLOG = winprint.stk           ; thw name (path) of the error log file   
ShortTimeout = 20000              ; max time (milliseconds) of network operation execution for one element   
LongTimeout = 100000              ; max time (milliseconds) of network operation execution for the collection   
[UPDATE]                          ; server update section   
NoUpdate = "1"                    ; Do not update this module and its dependent objects (dll, etc.).   

Station Settings

  1. Open the manager station
  2. Go to Service > Stations and Devices
  3. Right-click on the required cash server and select New Cash Station
  4. Fill in the cash station properties in the Main section:
    • Specify the station name
    • Change the status to Active
    • Specify a unique Network ID in Latin, for example, WINPRINT3001_01. You can leave the name that the system generated automatically
    • In the OS Type field, select Windows from the drop-down list
    • Station Type — Print Station
    • Save the changes
  5. Go to the Drivers tab
  6. Right-click on the central field and select Driver List
  7. Select the Video Driver group and drag the Windows Video Driver (Window Mode) to the field
  8. Connect a printer to the cash station. Then, in the cash station properties, expand the Printer Purpose section and select printers for printing bills and receipts.


    If the Printer Purpose field is greyed out, the printers are already assigned at the restaurant level.

  9. Navigate to the ...\bin\win\ folder and open the Winprint.ini file. In the [Config] section, specify and save the following values:

    Station = WINPRINT3001_01 ; cash station network ID
    Server = MIDSRV3001 ; cash server network ID
  10. Start the server.

By default, the application's configuration file is winprint.ini. If you need to start the Print Station with a different .ini file, use the following command: winprint.exe /ininame: newname.ini /desktop

The first launch must be done as an application — with the /desktop option. Also check that you launch the application as an administrator.