Sometimes, for different reasons, the shift data fails to reach the SQL. In this case, it can be compulsorily loaded.

Reloading Shift Data

  1. Go to Service > Common Shifts Information
  2. Select one or several shifts for which the data failed to load by clicking on them while pressing Ctrl.
  3. Right click the selected shifts and go to Actions > Allow Shift Reload

  4. Go to the [RK7]\MIDBASE\Archive, where the shift data is stored
  5. Select and copy the required shift files — udb
  6. Insert the copied files to the %Server Database%\filesync\incoming folder

    If you do not know where the server database is located, you can find it out in the [REFSERVER] field of rk7srv.ini — the cash register server configuration file.

    Server = RK7IVAN
    UBDFILE = ..\..\base\bazadannih

    In this case, the database folder is ..\..\base.

  7. Wait until the server processes the received data. After a while, the shift files will disappear from the Incoming folder. If after five minutes the files are still there, press Refresh or the F5 key.
    You check if the shift files have been loaded correctly in the reference server's log file — usually the stk file. There should be records of the following type:

    20.09 14:55:32.195
    26:SQL Export (shift2SQL) ->
    20.09 14:55:35.144
    26:SQL Export (shift2SQL): okay <-
  8. If there are such records in the log and there are no errors, then the shift data is loaded correctly.