The Split by blocks (packets) operation is used to move dishes from one block into another. The dishes that have not been printed or saved may be moved using this operation.

For example, it may be used while working with courses — to split the dishes by blocks and assign a course to each block.

To perform the split, the blocks must be added into the order. To add them, tap the Prepare Later button (Split > Prepare Later) and select the necessary serving order (course).

To split a saved order, tap Split printed by packets (Split > Split printed by packets).

If it is not necessary to use courses, tap Without course. Add the required number of blocks.

Then, tap Split by packets (Split > Split by packets).

The Split by Packets form will appear. It is divided into several columns. In the table header, the information about the employee, who is filling in the block, the block's date and reminder printing time are displayed above each column. If a dish is selected, its price and quantity will be shown. Only four columns can be shown at once on the screen form. Therefore, the employee may only work with four blocks simultaneously.

If an order contains more blocks, than the screen form can show at once, tap the Content button to select those blocks.

To move a dish, select it and tap on the corresponding block's column. All the portions of the dishes will be transferred into that column.

If the order contains a line, where the dish's quantity is 2 or more, and it is necessary to only move some portions, use the Quant. button:

  • Select the dish to be moved

  • Tap the Quant. button, enter the quantity of portions to be moved using the calculator, and tap the green check mark button

  • Select the column, into which the dish must be moved.

There is one more option for transferring a part of the portions:

  • Tap the -1 button. Tapping it once reduces the quantity of the selected portions by one; tapping it again repeats this operation, etc.

  • Select the column, into which the dish must be moved.

To cancel dish selection, tap the Unselect button.

For example: one line adds the Cherry Cupcake dish; then, tapping the -1 button moves one portion into another block.

Tapping the Select all button allows moving all the dishes from the selected column into another one.

To confirm the split by blocks (packets), tap the green check mark button. To cancel the operation, tap the red cross button.

If a dish is assigned a seat, the seat is saved during the dish's transfer into another block.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer