To move a dish or a part of a dish from one open order into another, the Split by orders operation is used (Split > Split by orders).

To split a saved order, tap Split printed by orders (Split > Split printed by orders).

The Split by Orders form will appear. It is divided into several columns. In the table header, the order number and its amount are displayed above each column. Only three order columns can be shown at once on the screen form. Therefore, the employee may only work with three orders simultaneously.

If initially only one order is open for the table, then tap the Content button in the window that appeared.

The Content menu contains the New and Choose order buttons. Using the New button, a new order may be opened for the selected table, and its number will be assigned in the 1.1, 1.2, etc. format. Using the Choose order button, the list of all the currently open orders may be accessed, so one of them may be chosen.

To move a dish, select it and drag it into the corresponding table's column. All the portions of the dishes will be transferred into that column.

If the order contains a line, where the dish's quantity is 2 or more, and it is necessary to only move some portions, use the Quant. button:

  • Select the dish to be moved

  • Tap the Quant" button, enter the quantity to be moved using the calculator, and tap the green check mark button

  • Tap the column, into which the dish must be moved. The dish is moved.

There is one more option for transferring a part of the portions:

  • Tap the -1 button. Tapping it once reduces the quantity of the selected portions by one; tapping it again repeats this operation, etc.

  • Tap the column, into which the dish must be moved. The dish is moved.

To cancel dish selection, tap the Unselect button. To confirm the split by orders, tap the green check mark button. To cancel the operation, tap the red cross button.

It is also possible to return to the order, tapping the Save and Open button. This way, you can proceed to the order into which you have moved the dishes.

If there is a split by seats in the order, the seat of the dish is not saved during dish transfer.

The dishes moved from another order form a separate block. This block's service-line displays the number of the table, from which the dishes were moved, and the time of transfer.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer