The purpose is to print a barcode on the bill so that the cashier could quickly access the order to be paid when receiving a bill with the money.

Implemented in r_keeper


The following settings are required:

  • A memo field containing <barcode 999[Orders.OrderSysName]>, or <barcode 999[Заказы.Имязаказа]> in Russian, should be added to the bill layout.
  • Add an MCR algorithm with the following properties:
  • Algorithm type = Prefix
  • Device types = Barcode
  • Area = Function key
  • Object = 14 Edit  — function key with code 14, the Select order for editing action
  • Prefix = 999
  • The barcode scanner should be correctly configured for Code39. For this purpose, it is recommended to use COM scanners and relevant settings in the r_keeper driver.
  • An example of order code formatted as Code39: 1696/1