Dishes from the menu might ne selected in several price identifications: for a single piece, for a standard portion or a portion by weight.

For single pieces, the amount is usually quantifiable.

For standard portions - there is either the amount of the dish or the weight marked.

The accurate amount can be marked for the quantity (to have the exact amount in fractions too).

The quantity multiplies by the price gives the total sum. For the single pieces it is the amount of the dishes ordered. For the dishes by weight - is the weight of the selected dish.

There are 3 ways to change the amount of the dishes in an order:

  • First put in the amount and then choose the dish. To do that you need to select the amount of the numeric keyboard, and choose the dish from the menu area.

The selected dish with the amount will be displayed in the order.

If there are the settings to insert the fractions, put in the amount in numbers using the dot (.) e.g. 1.5

  • First choose the dish and then set the amount. To insert the amount, tap “quant.” and insert number on the numeric keyboard

For the srandard portions, the price can be correlated to the price for the 1 kg dish or the portion itself, depending on the settings.

There are several ways to change the weight and the portion amount of the dish:

  1. Insert the quantity and select the dish simultaneously.

  2. Tap quantity and increase the amount of the portions.

  3. To change the amount of the dishes in the existing order, select the dish, put the quantity in the amount field and tap “Quant”.

  4. To insert the weight of the portion, select the dish and put in the amount in kg (to put 200 gramms, you need to put 0.2 kg) in the order field and update it using the weight parameter. The price will, in this case, be determined by the inserted weight. The quantity will also be updated corresponding to the standard portion weight.

  5. Weight parameter should be complemented by the quantity. Otherwise, the weight will be equated to the standatd portion weight with the amount set as 1 dish.

  6. For the dishes that have the parameter set as “Change the weight” the weight parameter will be disabled after the change of the settings in the saved block. Those dishes. after the weight is set and saved, have the relevant icon.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer