An employee can clock in if they are registered as one in a system or they can contact a staff member with the “Clock in/out without a card” rights.

“Clock in” to monitor working time for each registering employee is operated when logging in if the parameter in the login window is set. There may be “Clock in” and/or “clock out” buttons or neither.

Employees who are not authorized to work in the system (e.g. cooks, meintenance staff) use the "Clock-in" button to start a shift in the Entry window that appears or swipe their personal magnetic cards.

It is possible to clock-in (without logging in), using the username and password, for the employees who are registered as ones. To clock-in, enter the username and password and tap "Clock-in". To log in, tap "Enter" after entering your username and password.

To clock-out, tap "clock out" in the login window and swipe the personal magnetic card. The employee can clock-out in the similar way by using the login and password, if they are already registered.

Clock in/out for the employees, who have forgotten their cards can be done by a manager who has the "clock in/out" without a card right in the Clock in/out form.

In this form, the "Clock-in" and "Clock-out" buttons are used to switch between the registration modes.

To clock-in, select the position of an employee to be, then select the employee from the list (usually by name), or swipe the employee's card.

In the Registration mode, it is possible to change the time for the clock in/out

Select the employee, change the date and time by tapping on the fields and fill in using the muneric keypad.

To confirm, tap

, to cancel


The clock-out form shows a list of registered employees with their card numbers and time of clock-in/out. To clock-out, select the employee or swipe their card. 

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