Transferring References Server with Protection Key

Required files: rk7.udb, check.udb, rk7srv. ini

  • Install the references server on another computer, insert rk7.udb and check.udbrk7srv.ini, having previously changed the network settings such as IP addresses/connection ports if they were present in this file
  • Specify the protection key
  • Launch the references server, writing a different name in rk7srv.ini to avoid stopping the operation of the cash servers without a license. Open the management station

Server = ref_tng
UDBFILE = ..\..\base\rk7.udb
MainLang = .\localize\rkeeper7\
AltLang = .\localize\rkeeper7\rkeeper7.en.xlf
WorkModules = ..\..\base\workmods
ErrorLogSize = 10485760
DisableSMARTVerify = 1
UseSql = 1
  • Relicense the cash servers 
  • Turn off the references server, change the server name in rk7srv.ini to the original one
  • Launch the references server.

Transferring References Server without Protection Key

Required files: rk7.udb, check.udb, rk7srv. ini

The scenario is similar to the previous one. The difference is the reason for the license since in this case the key will be changed.

Installing New Cash Server with Old Database

Required files: work.udb

  • Install a cash server
  • Specify a protection key
  • Place the work.udb file to the folder with the cash server database.

Installing New Cash Server with Old Receipts Being Added 

Required files: None

  • Create a new cash server
  • Transfer cash registers from the problematic server to the new one and add a license from the problematic server
  • Deactivate the problematic server
  • Continue working on the newly created server
  • When you get access to the old database, start the old server for a while and close the cash shift on it.