TRK7HallInfos = class(TCollection)

procedure Recalc;
Recalculate statistics for all hall plans

function GetHallInfoByID(HallId: TIdent): TRK7HallInfo;
Get information about the floor plan by its identifier
@HallId — a hall plan ID
@Return — the element with information about the hall plan

property Items[i: integer]: TRK7HallInfo read At; default;
The list of elements with statistics on the hall plans

TRKCardInfo = class(TPersistent)

property Dish:tItemCode read fDish write fDish;
A dish code

property Modifier: tItemCode read fModifier write fModifier;
A modifier code

property Discount: tItemCode read fDiscount write fDiscount;
A discount code

property Bonus : tItemCode read fBonus write fBonus;
A bonus code

property Currency : tItemCode read fCurrency write fCurrency;
A currency code

property Employee : tItemCode read fEmployee write fEmployee;
An employee code

property Consumator: tItemCode read fConsumator write fConsumator;
A consumator code

property FunctionKey : tItemCode read fFunctionKey write fFunctionKey;
A function key code

property ObjectGroup : tItemCode read fObjectGroup write fObjectGroup;
A code of the object group to select

property Holder: ShortString read fHolder write fHolder;
A cardholder

property ServerError : tInterfaceError read fServerError write fServerError;
If not 0 - the reason for the inoperability of the card

property ServerErrorText: property ServerErrorText: ShortString read fServerErrorText write fServerErrorText;
The reason for the inoperability of the card, when ServerError <> 0

property NeedMan: Byte read fNeedMan write fNeedMan;
1 — to apply with manager confirmation, 0 – without it

property MaxSum : int64 read fMaxSum write fMaxSum;
The amount available for withdrawal Now (including credit for debit cards), 0 if you can't pay.

property Amount : int64 read fAmount write fAmount;
The remaining balance (excluding credit for debit cards), independently of the possibility to apply now.

property MaxDisc : int64 read fMaxDisc write fMaxDisc;
The maximum discount amount (positive), 0 — unlimited

property MaxReserved1: int64 read fMaxReserved1 write fMaxReserved1;

property MaxReserved2: int64 read fMaxReserved2 write fMaxReserved2;

property Sex : Byte read fSex write fSex;
0 — m 1 — f

property ExpDate : integer read fExpDate write fExpDate;

property AccountIdent : int64 read fAccountIdent write fAccountIdent;
An account number, including for the hotel

property TransactionID: Integer read fTransactionID write fTransactionID;

property Options : tInterfaceEventOptions read fOptions write fOptions;

property CardAddInfo : ShortString read fCardAddInfo write fCardAddInfo;
Card additional information

property UnpayCode : tItemCode read fUnpayCode write fUnpayCode;
A defaulter code

property MaxSum2 : int64 read fMaxSum2 write fMaxSum2;
The amount available for withdrawal Now on the second sub-account

property MaxSum3 : int64 read fMaxSum3 write fMaxSum3;
The amount available for withdrawal Now on the third sub-account

property MaxSum4: int64 read fMaxSum4 write fMaxSum4;
the amount available for withdrawal Now on the fourth sub-account

property MaxSum5 : int64 read fMaxSum5 write fMaxSum5;
The amount available for withdrawal Now on the fifth sub-account

property MaxSum6 : int64 read fMaxSum6 write fMaxSum6;

property MaxSum7 : int64 read fMaxSum7 write fMaxSum7;

property MaxSum8 : int64 read fMaxSum8 write fMaxSum8;