This article deals with the universal driver for CARDREAD.DLL readers of the PCards format.

What is it for?

Support of CARDREAD.DLL drivers by PCArds on Windows at the r_keeper 7 cash register.


  • To avoid writing the drivers that are already supported
  • To provide a capability to write individual reader drivers in a simple format.

Manager Station Settings

Place the InpDevs.udb database into the \rk7\base\workmods\ folder.

The current driver version can be found in InpDevs.udb, versions and If needed, the file can be placed in older versions and used there.

  1. Add the RK7 adapter for CARDREAD.DLL (Pcards card reader library) driver to the cash register in the Service > Stations and Devices reference.
  2. Add the required CARDREAD.DLL and its settings file to the cash register.

    Adapter properties:

    CARD2RK7.DLL is the card reading library adapter for PCards.
    CARDREAD.DLL is the library for card reading.

    Provides the following procedures:

    procedure Init; stdcall; — is called once after the library is loaded

    procedure Start (AHandle, AMsg: Integer); stdcall;  — after this, to start sending AMsg messages on card reading to the AHandle handle. The card number can be found in: lParam — four low-order bytes; wParam — four high-order bytes.

    procedure Stop; stdcall; — to stop sending messages on card reading.

    procedure Done; stdcall; — is called once before the library is loaded.

  3. Check the result in MCR Algorithms debug.