The menu buttons Closed orders and Closed receipts allow viewing of the closed orders and closed receipts (checks) – respectively. The closed receipts contain the information regarding every receipt of the given order, as one order may include several receipts. For example: if the payment is carried out by seats, there will be one order in the list, but the list of receipts will contain several items — according to the number of seats.

The forms on the left show the list of the closed orders/receipts; the contents of a selected order may be viewed on the right.

When the standard settings are applied, the closed order button displays the following information:


  1. the order identifier within a visit in the XXXXX/YY format, where X is the visit identifier, and Y is the order number within that visit;

  2. an indicator of the closed, but unpaid order. It is displayed, when working in the Entrance Card mode with a Pay on Exit parameter set. In this case, the order is recorded as closed, and it does not appear in the open orders list. However, it is not paid for, and the payment will be carried out later, when the visit will be calculated using the entrance card;

  3. the table name; for quick check – the quick check's number;

  4. the guests type;

  5. the order category;

  6. the order comment that is saved;

  7. the order comment that is not saved;

  8. the end of service date and time – time of closing;

  9. the order amount; when working with visits, the amount will be zero, and the order contents will not be shown, as the order is still unpaid;

  10. the main waiter of the order;

  11. the order type.

To perform a search of the required orders/receipts, it is possible to filter the elements by attributes. To invoke or hide the filter panel on a TS-station, there is a specific button in the upper right corner. On a keyboard station, use the Menu button.

In the Closed orders mode with a visible filter panel, specify a filter attribute.

Custom properties – filtering by phone number or e-mail.

Order category – filtering by the order category.

Order type – filtering by order type.

Filtering by the main waiter – the cashier, who closed the order. Tap this button, and then select an employee, who was closing orders at the cash station. The system will show the orders that were closed by that employee.

 Filtering by waiters. Tap the button, and then select the waiter who was serving the order. The system will show the orders that were served by that employee.

The selected filters may be seen in the lower left corner.


 Filtering by the table.

Filtering by the currency.

 Filtering by dishes.

 Filtering by discount (markup).

Card Number – filtering by the loyalty system personal card.

Receipt Number – filtering by the receipt number.

Pay Amount – filtering by the order amount.

Comment – filtering by the saved or not saved visit comment.

Start time – filtering by the order creation time.

Close Time – filtering by the receipt closing time.

Status – filtering by the closed or deleted receipts.

Find – perform the search.

Clear – clear the filter attributes.

Print – printing a document from the receipts list. In the Closed orders window, this operation prints out the receipt that was last selected.

In the Closed orders viewing mode, if the cursor is not set at an order line, all the operations will be blocked, except the Order category operations – Open Order and Do Not Save.

If the cursor is set at an order line, performing the following operations is possible.

Copy – printing a copy of the receipt. This is an alternative method of the receipt copy printing.

Delete – the closed receipt is deleted from the system, and all the paid for dishes in it are deleted. When performing this operation, a reason for deletion with the On Receipt Void flag set must be selected. After receipt deletion, the order is available for editing or closing in the Choose order form.

Undo – when performing this operation, the receipt payments are deleted, and the paid for dishes remain in the order.

Important! After the first undo operation on a closed receipt, the order switches into the editing mode.
Receipt deletion and undo are only possible at the station, where it was printed.
Receipt deletion and undo are not possible after closing the common shift or the station shift.

Close – to exit into the order viewing operations menu.

On keyboard stations, use the Delete operation to delete or undo a receipt. Then, select the necessary reason for receipt deletion from the list, or select Receipt undo – to undo a receipt, respectively.

The materials are prepared in collaboration with R-Keeper Finland, Pankkih Oy, the authorized dealer