Here is information on recent updates in our Knowledge Base.

r_keeper 7

We are going on publishing user documentation articles on the cash station. Now, you can learn how to work with discounts and markups, manage cash shifts and read more details about work with an order.

StoreHouse 5

We have started working on user documentation for StoreHouse 5. Now, you can find information on basic notions of the system, first steps in the program, application contents overview, as well as some articles on work with dictionaries.

We have also updated StoreHouse 5 localization files for the English language. You may download an archive from the FTP server 5/Localize/. Find more information on how to change the language in StoreHouse in the Localization article.

Modern browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox do not allow opening FTP links. Therefore, to open a link, use the File Explorer or an FTP client.