Here is information on recent updates in our Knowledge Base.

Products News and Updates

Would you like to learn about new features and improvements in our products? Now you can do it in English! We have added special sections to the r_keeper 7 and Store House 5 documentation. When a new version of software is released, we will add its description here. Stay tuned!


We have revised the Archive structure. Now it is much easier to find the information you need. Some articles concerning current features have been updated and added to the main space of the r_keeper 7 documentation.

License System

The mechanics of adding legal entities to an object has changed in the License System. Now this must be done with a special order. Please, find more details in our new article.

r_keeper 7

We are going on translating articles on work with r_keeper 7 cash station. You are welcome to read the following instructions:

… and some other useful information.