Quick checkCreating an order in the «Fast Food» mode
LogA file that records events of software running in chronological order
QueryА request for data or information from a database table or combination of tables
Cash stationThe main work station for waiters, bartenders and cashiers in r_keeper
DirectoryA folder, containing files
Cash registerThe equipment for recording sales transactions and printing receipts
POS equipmentThe equipment with built-in fiscal memory for cash and electronic payments and receipt printing
CollectionAn object that groups multiple elements of one or similar data types into a single unit and enables access to it
ConsumationBonuses to the staff for selling a specified item of the menu
Manager stationThe main work station for the manager in r_keeper
TagUsed in the code
MarkupThe amount added to the price of goods
DefaulterOption for paying a part of the order with bonuses or in other ways in the loyalty systems.
Undistributed markupA markup, whose amount is not distributed for all the dishes. In reports, is displayed in a separate line. Is used for prepayment, fiscal reason for cash deposit and withdrawal
PDSPersonal discount system
BillA paper document stating the due amount to be paid and the order content; is given to the guest before payment
Percentage discountReduces the receipt total by a specified percentage
BackupSaving important program files for their recovery in case of a loss. It is recommended to store backup copies on the additional devices or in the cloud
Receipt printerA device for receipts printing
Take-outGetting prepared food packaged to be consumed away from its place of sale
Reference serverThe main server, managing all the system references
Network nameA name or an IP address of the computer in the network
ReferenceA place for storage of homogeneous r_keeper elements. Reference examples: «Menu», «Staff», «Dish classification»
Fixed amount discountHas a specified fixed value. May be applied both to a separate item cost or to the receipt total
ReceiptA document akcnowledging the payment for the goods or service
Cash receipt noteA document used to record payments and deposits received from customers
Cash issue noteA document used to record cash withdrawal