When getting new master licenses, dealers have the opportunity to generate a certificate confirming the license authenticity.
The certificate is generated in .jpeg format and contains the following information:

  • The certificate number and generation date
  • The name of the software product
  • The license validity period
  • TIN and the name of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur
  • The object code.

Certificate Generation

To generate master license certificates, go to Edit object > Certificates

The table displays master licenses for which you can generate a certificate. There are 2 options for getting:

  • Generating and downloading a certificate with the 
  • Receiving a certificate via email using the 
    • together with the certificate, a file with a license agreement will be sent to the mail.

An example certificate:

Certificate Verification

On the main page of the license system, you can check the certificate authenticity. To do this, go to!/main and enter the certificate number in the Certificate Verification field

If the correct certificate number is specified, the Certificate Is Valid! message will appear.

If the certificate number is incorrect or does not exist, the message Certificate not found with the specified number will appear.